Healthy in a Hurry!

Too busy to cook? Eating out too much? Ordering in too often? Buying too much processed food and ready-made meals?

Our society is busier than ever and the time we are spending in our kitchens gets less and less each year.

30 years ago, spending time in the kitchen was the norm. Obesity was also a rarity instead of the pandemic it is today. Do you think there’s a correlation between these facts? Absolutely! If you doubt that, just stop anyone on the street who looks like they are in great shape and are over 30 years old and ask them how much time they spend in their kitchen preparing and cooking food. You will find that the overwhelming majority spend 45 minutes or more per day in their kitchen.

Does that still sound like too much time to you, or do you just simply not enjoy cooking and preparing food? Well, I have the solution to both of those issues. Firstly, devices like a vegetable chopper from chop your veggies can significantly deplete the time you take prepping food as well as take away the tedious task of manually chopping. This will definitely improve your want to stay in the kitchen and get cooking! Alternatively, a friend of mine is an expert on time-efficient cooking and also represents Pampered Chef, which is a company that specializes in super-nifty kitchen gadgets designed to save even more time and effort.

If you found this page, you are officially invited to my condo on 7/17 at 7 pm to find out how to save enough time and effort that you will be motivated to get back in your kitchen and get healthy, lean and fit again! Plus it’s a great excuse to hang out and relax together with all the craziness that everyday life brings.

In this “Healthy in a Hurry” cooking class, you will learn new recipes that can be prepped and on the table in NO time! Eating healthy doesn’t need to be bland or boring either. You will go home with fresh ideas on how to make these delicious meals at home saving you TIME and MONEY! These meals are all prepped and ready in less than 30 minutes and are about $2 per serving!

We will start cooking at 7:15 p.m…. you will be able to eat, shop, visit and can be on your way home by about 9:00 (or whenever we decide to call it a day!) It’s so fast and so, very easy!

There is a link down below to RSVP. And if you know of someone who might enjoy coming feel free to bring them too! Hurry though! Space is limited, so only the first 20 to RSVP get in!

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  • Host: PJ Glassey
  • Thursday, July 17th
  • 7:00 p.m.
  • 650 Bellevue Way NE Ste 2608, Bellevue (One Lincoln Tower) Video directions here:
  • RSVP: Simply email or just click here to RSVP and get a preview of some of the great Pampered Chef gadgets mentioned above.