Exercise Machines Vs. Functional Body Training

We had the latest and greatest exercise machines at our Kirkland X Gym, but research showed us that machines aren’t necessary and in most cases, are downright harmful to the kind of fitness our clients are after. When we moved the Kirkland gym 2.5 miles south to a better and bigger location, we didn’t take the machines with us. We either gave them away or put them in storage.

Why would we make such a drastic move? Because we do our homework – especially in researching the latest and greatest studies in exercise science. These studies show us that exercise machines, barbells, and dumbbells are fantastic for people who want to bulk up and get bigger, but our clients are not interested in that. X Gym members want to be strong and toned with great endurance. They want to look fit and feel fit, but they are not interested in gaining muscle size.

Progressive overload using weights was invented by Eugene Sandow in 1891. He invented this system for his own personal use, in order to get stronger and bigger. He ended up “getting all the chicks” because he was more “buffed” than any other guy back then. Most of the other men in the late 1800s were pretty scrawny and skinny, so they were understandably envious of Eugene and his way with the ladies. They eventually talked him into selling them his system and “Voila!” the sets and reps methodology using weights and progressive overload was born. People are still using it today because they don’t know any better. They don’t know they have another option like X Gym that can give them even more strength, but without the normally associated muscle bulk.
The outdated methodology of progressive overload is great at making people bigger and fairly good at making people stronger, but the benefit stop there. Those bigger and stronger people don’t have much endurance and their cardio is pretty dismal. The X Gym methodology creates strength, endurance and cardio all in the same 21 minute workout because of how it’s been designed, based on the most recent research studies. These studies have also indicated that weights and weight machines are also fantastic at bulking people up and fairly good at creating strength, but lousy at producing endurance and cardio fitness.
Since X Gym members are looking for toning, strength, endurance and cardio without muscle size increase, we have invented things like, “Complete Muscle Fatigue” (CMF) and “Time Under Tension” (TUT), which doesn’t exist at all with traditional training methodology. CMF and TUT produce the results our clients are after and that’s why they continue to come back month after month until they achieve the results they are after, which by the way, takes less than half the time of any other training method at any other gym.
The reason we don’t have machines is because we want to give people functional fitness they can use in the real world. We have no problems with the actual machines. They meet safety requirements and are built well, using things like belts, cables, and pulleys (this link here will provide info into how these cable and pulleys can safely hold such heavy weights). But machines are not natural. These parts that they are built with won’t be found outside the gym when you’re doing an activity that you enjoy. What we have instead, at the Eastside X Gym, is functional equipment that utilizes your own body as the machine. This way you are forced to perform real – life natural movements that do have direct and practical application to life outside the gym.
The equipment we have is also proprietary because most of it was invented by us. We use a suspension training system that we named the “Uplifter” because you are lifting your own body up against gravity. We also have leg training equipment we named, “Quadraslide” because of its safe and effective way of training the leg muscles. We also utilize carpet sliders for safe and effective floor work and elastic tubing for anything you would do with a dumbbell or barbell. Using tubing is much more effective over weights and dumbells because of the way we tweak the angles and how tubing prevents resting periods common to weights. We have other equipment that we used too, but it would all be too numerous to list here. The point is, all this functional equipment, gadgets and gizmos supports both CMF and TUT in a way that produces the results our clients are after.
Skeptical? You should be. The reason you are reading this right now is because what you have tried so far isn’t working for you the way you would like it to. If it were, you wouldn’t be looking for another option or even curious for that matter. That’s why we offer the free intro workout session, so you can feel what we are talking about for yourself. If you haven’t already tried us out, you don’t know yet what we are talking about, so come on in and let us show you! There is a reason that we have a 94% conversion rate with people who do the intro workout. We also have a 96% retention rate, despite the fact that we are month-to-month with no long term contracts. Our clients keep coming back every month because they’re getting results!
And if you know any local gyms that would like some free weight machines so there members can bulk up, let us know, because we still have several of them in storage…