Signing Up For Sessions and Classes Online

Having already created your login credentials for MINDBODY, you can now start scheduling personal training appointments or group classes! In the MINDBODY system any group or personal training appointment is considered a “class.” To schedule yourself for either, simply complete the following steps:

  1. Go to the following link and sign in under the “Been here before” section:
  2. Once you are redirected, click on the “Classes” tab near the top of the screen (remember that personal training appointments are also called “classes”). Before signing up for any classes, make sure you are looking at the class schedule for YOUR X Gym location. X Gym-Eastside may be selected as your default location, and if so, West Seattle clients will need to click on the drop- down menu near the top of the screen and select “X Gym West Seattle.”
  3. Once the correct location has been selected, you can now start booking classes! To do so, find the class time you would like to book and click on “Sign Up Now.” If someone has already signed up for that class, you’ll see a message saying that “The class/event that you are trying to reserve is full.” If you receive this message, you have the option of putting yourself on the waitlist for that class. That way if someone does end up cancelling their appointment, you would automatically be signed up for that time as soon as it becomes available. If the class is NOT already booked, on the next screen click the blue box that says “Make a single reservation” to book yourself in that class time.
  4. Once the last step has been completed your reservation will be confirmed on the next page. If for any reason you need to cancel your appointment, from the “My Schedule” tab merely click on the text that says “Cancel” next to the class that you would like to cancel. Click “Ok” to confirm the cancellation.

If for any reason you are unable to successfully sign up for classes or have any questions regarding this step please email for further assistance.