Christina Burshek

Hometown- Leavenworth, WA

  • Personal Training Certification- World Instructor Teaching School
  • Additional Training, Certifications, and Education- CPR/First Aid, Associates of Arts and Sciences, BS with Human Anatomy Emphasis (2015)


How long have you worked at X Gym? Since 2014

Why do you love training clients? I love helping and working with people. I also love fitness and staying active. So when you put the two together, you get a trainer
who loves helping you get fit and eat right, and who will encourage you
every step of the way!

Why did you choose to work for X Gym? I love the one-on-one training and how personally we get to know each member of the X Gym. I also love the safe and effective methods of X Gym training. It is the best!

Tell us something interesting about yourself? I have tried just about every sport out there, and I absolutely love gymnastics and volleyball! I also used to be a competitive gymnast and
went to nationals each year.

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