Cereal Killer

Cereal Killer

We all know how many fatal diseases are cased by obesity. That’s not even a debate anymore. It’s just fact. Therefore, it’s logical to say that obesity kills.

So what causes obesity? Well, your doctor or your nutritionist might tell you it’s a lack of exercise or eating too much fat, but they need to get up to speed with the current research because this recent research has proven otherwise.

Sure, exercise helps, but it’s only about 30% of the battle. The other 70% is all about the kind of calories you’re eating, and fat isn’t the culprit. The real cause for the current obesity pandemic is due to a certain type of carbohydrate – one that I call, “fast” carbs.

“Fast” carbs are found in things like sugar, flour, starches and yes, even most fruit. These carbs will rapidly spike your blood sugar, which will put you in a fat storing mode, or they will turn into fat that can also be stored on your body. These are the carbs found in cereal – even the “healthy” cereals. In fact, I haven’t yet found a single commercial cereal brand that isn’t packed with fattening “fast” carbs.

Therefore, cereal is fattening and is one of the most potent fat storing foods on the planet. It will make you obese faster than most other foods, so in my opinion, because obesity is a killer, cereal is more responsible for deaths due to obesity than most other foods.

What about candy and sweets like cake and ice cream, you ask? Aren’t those worse and don’t those contribute more to obesity even cereal? I think not. Most people don’t have a bowl full of candy every morning or a bowl full of cake and ice cream every morning, but they do have a bowl full of cereal and cereal really isn’t much different than candy or cake and ice cream. Sure, the so-called “healthy” cereals have more fiber and vitamins and minerals then candy, cake, or ice cream, but as far as the body is concerned, it’s all turned into sugar through digestion anyway, so it really is more similar than different.

Cereal is also addictive because of the added ingredients, the sugar content and the way the body makes it into sugar later. Sugar is in fact more addictive than cocaine according to numerous recent studies. Most cereal manufacturers also include ingredients that they know are addictive, so you want seconds (or thirds/fourths) and continue to buy their brand. Plus, when the body turns it into sugar, blood sugar spikes in the short term, the pancreas over reacts causing a blood sugar crash, which sets the body up for another carb craving to get out of that crash.

Cereal is also easy, so people get hooked on the convenience and learn to be lazy with their food. Heck, I know people who have cereal for lunch and/or dinner too, because it’s so easy and they have learned to be lazy because of it. 50 years ago, we spent time in the kitchen, preparing food and making meals. obesity wasn’t an issue back then either. It was a rarity in fact. If you are older than 40, you can remember back in grade school that there was one or two token “fat kids” in each class that everyone made fun of. Now the norm is overweight kids, with one or two token “skinny kids” per class that everyone makes fun of.

Those skinny kids are probably eating bacon and eggs for breakfast. All the other kids are eating cereal, toast and juice for breakfast.

According to Jennifer L. Harris, lead researcher at Yale University’s Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity, children get an entire teaspoon of sugar with every 3 teaspoons of the average cereal found on the store shelves. Many adult cereals contain just as much sugar per cup, despite the “healthy” marketing tricks. The most common sweetener in cereals is high-fructose corn syrup, which, according to Princeton University professor Bart Hoebel, is more likely to cause obesity than table sugar.

The marketing about cereal being “healthy” is also a lie. Cereal is dried, processed food with lots of additives and ingredients that are either not found in nature or are so altered from their natural state that they have no real nutritional value left. The protein is altered in the manufacturing process in such a way that it actually becomes toxic. Yep, the protein in your breakfast cereal is actually a poison. Other calories in your cereal are also poisonous, but the poison produced from the processed protein is the quite toxic.

The protein isn’t the only thing that becomes toxic though. Modern food processing creates many other toxins in other types of calories as well. In fact, in one experiment, researchers at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor divided eighteen laboratory rats into three groups: one group received cornflakes and water; a second group was given the cardboard from that cereal box and water; the control group received rat chow and water. The rats in the control group remained in good health throughout the experiment. The rats eating the box became lethargic and eventually died of malnutrition. The rats receiving the cornflakes and water died before the rats that were eating the box (the first cardboard diet rat died the day the last cornflake diet rat died.) Furthermore, before death, the cornflakes-eating rats developed aberrant behavior, threw fits, bit each other and finally went into convulsions. Autopsy revealed dysfunction of the pancreas, liver and kidneys and degeneration of the nerves of the spine, all signs of insulin shock.  Indeed, we all know that the cardboard box had no real nourishment to speak of, but this experiment clearly demonstrates that the cornflakes were full of “anti-nutrients” and were in fact, POISON! This experiment was designed as a joke, but the results were far from funny. They haven’t done any studies like this with cereal on humans however, because that would be unethical (Ha! – the irony). Paul Stitt, in his book, “Fighting the Food Giants,” lists some of these little known studies – most of them squashed or censored by the powerful processed food industry.

Seriously. STOP being a cereal killer by POISONING yourself and your kids with it and START getting back in to your kitchen to cook and/or prepare organic, real food that looks and tastes like real food! Just get up 20 minutes earlier each day and COOK or PREPARE something with your HANDS for yourself and your family like your grandparents did.

To see a fantastic video on this topic, just click below:

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