Burn Fat With Your Brain

healthy-brainDid you know that your brain burns 15-25% of your daily calories? Even though your brain makes up only about 3% of your weight, it accounts for a very big part of your metabolic rate! Most people think of muscles as their only calorie burner, and while they are the main engine for that, the huge amount of energy the brain requires is hardly ever discussed.

The reason this is important is because a healthy brain uses more energy and therefore contributes more to your metabolic rate. Keeping your brain healthy is pretty easy too if you know how. Some of the ways are:

  • Exercise: High intensity exercise is best!
  • Omega 3 fatty acids: Fish, krill oil, grass fed beef, etc.
  • Learning: Especially something new outside your field of expertise. This is the main reason I took flying lessons and got my pilot’s license last year.
  • Proper nutrition: Lots of organic veggies (the darker the green the better), and organic meats!
  • Avoid head injuries: Bouncing your fragile brain around in your hard skull is sure to reduce it’s power output and energy requirements.
  • No drugs or alcohol: ALL alcohol damages the brain, as well as ALL drugs – even prescription medication. I’m not saying go “Christian Scientist” style here, because some prescription drugs can be necessary at times, but for most people, a healthy lifestyle will drastically reduce or even completely eliminate the need for them.
  • Tons of water: 3-5 quarts a day for most people.

Your mood will also have an effect on your metabolic rate, and since your brain dictates your mood, just knowing this can make a difference. Have you ever felt flush, embarrassed, angry or any other emotion that made you start to sweat? This is a good example of your metabolic thermostat being turned up, and the amazing part is that your brain is doing that! Doesn’t it make sense then that with the right frame of mind, you can adjust your metabolic rate? You betcha! Just thinking of yourself as someone with a high metabolic rate can actually increase it!

I know this sounds kooky (and I get that comment a lot from people on lots of stuff) but so far, I’ve always been right and way ahead of the others. By the time mainstream media is talking about stuff like this, 15 or more years have passed from the time I first brought it up. I’m not trying to brag here, I’m just saying that if you were told some new information that couldn’t possibly harm you, but would very likely help you, and give you an enormous head start over everyone else, wouldn’t you at least give it a shot?

Well, here’s your shot. Starting today, treat your brain with the care it deserves by following the list above. You can also make sure you stay in a good mood by using some the techniques I talk about in my book CRACKING YOUR CALORIE CODE or the methods I discuss with clients at the X Gym. For more detailed tips and tricks on this and other short cuts to permanent fat loss, stay tuned for my new upcoming program by clicking the tab “Break The Diet Yo-Yo” on this blog.