Brain Training at X Gym

You’ve heard of muscle and body training, which we certainly do better than anyone at X Gym, but one of the unique additional things that set us apart from other gyms is our brain training aspect.

What’s brain training you ask? Well, our methodology and functional movement patterns are one way we do it, but we also train the brain through specific techniques that can be learned and performed anywhere, anytime, to help the brain get stronger, better, smarter, and even younger.

Our techniques also help people get past food cravings, better eating, resistance to exercise, and more, to help them get fitter and healthier, faster than ever, with much less willpower required.

In fact, PJ Glassey, our founder, has even developed a brain type test that tells you which of the top 6 brain training techniques will work best for your unique brain wiring. To learn more about that, just click here.

Still wondering what the heck we are talking about? That’s understandable because no other gyms or trainers are talking about it. It’s not even on their radar yet. That’s how far ahead we are at X Gym.

So to learn more (besides checking out the brain type test), see the videos below (and more are added each week).