Are You Pro-Choice When it Comes to Your Food?

I signed a petition to Michelle Obama today on the topic of genetically modified organisms, (GMO food) which says:

“Michelle, tell President Obama to honor his campaign promise to require GMO labeling and ask him to endorse California’s Proposition 37, a citizens’ ballot initiative to label GMOs.”

     Why am I sending this to Michelle? Well, I’ve already tried to get the message straight to Barack, but it seems to be falling on deaf ears. Besides, my friend Chief Sonne Reyna believes this next decade will be influenced mostly by our nation’s alpha females and I have a gut feeling that he’s right…
     Will you sign this petition with me? Click here to check it out:
     Please pass this on to others as well. If there is enough pressure from the masses (and his wife), Obama (and his bosses) might cave in to our pressure, or at least realize how many of us oppose GMO foods and the fact that we want to know and choose what we are buying!
     Most countries have outlawed GMO foods completely because of their proven dangers to health and environment, but our country allows these toxic foods to end up on our grocery store shelves without any indication whether they are GMO or not. The GMO producers don’t want the labeling because they know that most people will choose to avoid buying them if they know, so they would rather keep us in the dark so we don’t have a choice.
     This isn’t a petition to ban GMO foods. That’s next. This would simply give us the right to choose. We are obviously not alone ( Will you join us too?
     This is serious. It’s for the sake of our health, our fitness and for our legacy to future generations and to the earth.