X Team Contest Step Two

Wooho! Step Two! 

Here are the things to do for step two, to Xcellerate those Xtremely fast, Xtraordinary X Gym style results!

For step one in January, you worked toward the following challenges and points:

  1. Xercise: 14 points per X Gym workout and 7 points per HIIT workout.
  2. Green veggies: 1 point per serving per day (a serving is the size of your fist)
  3. Water: 1 point per 10 ounces. (100 oz. = 10 points per day)
  4. Complete goals worksheet = 7 points.
  5. Successfully master brain training lessons: Intro and EFT for 7 points each
  6. Attend the webinar = 21 points
  7. List 3 things about your health or body that you are grateful for = 7 points

The list below shows the new challenge steps and points for February.

  1. Any previous activities and assignments can be used to continue to earn points, plus the additional options below.
  2. Track your daily carbs and reduce them: For every 10 points below 200 grams/day, you get 1 point, so 200 = 0 points, 190 = 1 point, 150 = 5 points, 100 = 10 points, etc.
  3. Food log: 10 points per day for each emailed entry using Excel or Google sheet format.
  4. Sleep: 7-9 hours = 7 points per night.
  5. Successfully master the brain training lesson: Falling off the train for 14 points.
  6. Each day you take a Levl test and email to pj@xgym.com = 7 points
  7. Hardbodcafe.com: Make a recipe for 21 points

It’s easier now to report your points and BEI measurements (both are optional), so just click here to use the form to submit them. No need to email them or describe them anymore!

And now I have a bonus for you too! Check out the graphic at the bottom of this page to find out which common foods are the most fat burning and which are the most fat storing. If you’d rather get the PDF so you can print it out, just email pj@xgym.com and he will attach it back to you.

That’s it for now, but if you would like more, or would like things be more customized, just email pj@xgym.com and your wish comes true!