X Team Contest Step One

Welcome to the X Team contest! 

Here are the things to do for step one, to get you started on your way to Xtremely fast, Xtraordinary X Gym style results!

1.) Get BEI tested. Just let your trainer know before you start your workout (or warmup) and they can help you with that. If you already know your code, you don’t even need a trainer! Just test yourself anytime! If your partner needs to be tested and they are not a member, just have them come in with you to get tested at the beginning of your workout. And email pj@xgym with your code in case you forget it.

2.) Take some before pictures, wearing tight workout clothes or something that shows some skin (but not too much that you couldn’t post them publicly if you wanted to).

3.) Drink 80-120 oz. of filtered water per day.

4.) Eat green veggies like you have OCD.

5.) Start earning points (optional). The list below shows the X Team contest challenge steps for January.


  1. Xercise: 14 points per X Gym workout and 7 points per HIIT workout.
  2. Green veggies: 1 point per serving per day (a serving is the size of your fist)
  3. Water: 1 point per 10 ounces. (100 oz. = 10 points per day)
  4. Complete goals worksheet and email it to pj@xgym.com = 7 points.
  5. Successfully master brain training lessons: Intro and EFT for 7 points each
  6. Attend the webinar (TBA) = 21 points
  7. List 3 things about your health or body that you are grateful for = 7 points

Every time you have points or a new BEI test to submit, just click here for the form.

That’s it for now, but if you would like more, or would like things be more customized, just email pj@xgym.com and your wish comes true!