X Gym Personal Chef Services

ryan cook croppedHow would you like your own personal chef (just like a rock star) specifically trained by PJ (X Gym founder and CEO) to prepare delicious fat burning, metabolism boosting meals right from the comfort of your own home? Well, your dream just came true!

This service involves an initial consultation and as many follow up repeat chef visits as you desire.

This service also provides you with education so you can learn along the way and take over yourself at any point. Cooking techniques, recipes, shopping list creation, eating techniques, and more are included in this educational process.

The goal with this program is to get you started with the momentum you need to keep going with healthy eating habits on your own, for the rest of your life. If you choose to use the chef services on a continual basis, that’s fine too but you will quickly learn all the tools you need to continue on your own, so the choice is completely yours.

FINALLY! Permanent lifestyle change – once and for all!

Here is what you get with your initial consultation:

  • Discussion of your goals, preferences, allergies and any food intolerance issues.
  • A complete cupboard makeover with the bad fattening stuff replaced by the delicious healthy stuff!
  • Food prepared for an entire week based on your meal choices from a custom X Gym menu.
  • 100% of the grocery shopping time and errands.

Investment: $389.00 (plus food costs)

Here is what you get with each follow up visit:*

  •  Food prepared for an entire week based on your meal choices from a custom X Gym menu.
  • 100% of the grocery shopping time and errands.
  • Accountability! Your chef will check in with you during the week to make sure you are enjoying your meals and sticking to it.
  • Support! If you find transition to healthy eating difficult at first (like some people do) your chef will help you with that too by suggesting certain techniques or even some of X Gym ‘s custom brain training techniques to make the transition easier and most important, PERMANENT!

Investment: $175.00 per visit (plus food costs)

*Are your cupboards currently stellar? Do you already have perfect eating habits mastered and just want someone to cook and shop healthy for you? Then feel free to skip to this option for your first visit and each visit thereafter.

Future menus, shopping lists and support can also be provided, once you have made the transition to shopping and cooking on your own. Simply request another week of meals and you will receive custom recipes based on your preferences, with companion shopping lists and e-mail support for as long as you desire.

Investment: $50 per menu

Here is just one of our happy customer’s reviews (more coming soon for this brand new program!):

I am getting ready to leave on vacation tomorrow – 33 lbs lighter and healthier!  Thank you.  I really could not have done this without Teal and the Xgym protocol.  I definitely had the motivation, but Teal made it do-able for me.  She transformed my eating habits  and targeted my workouts to give me almost immediate results.  Once Teal taught me what to eat and how much to eat – it  was as if the pounds just came melting off.  Her doing the meal planning, grocery shopping, cooking and portioning was the key to my success because she made it so easy for me to stay on track and I didn’t have any excuses to stray from the plan.  She encouraged me from the very start when I was so skeptical – and the quick results kept me motivated.  

Teal is great to work with.  Her quirky enthusiasm for fitness is contagious and I am certainly healthier, thinner, and happier because of it! I actually look forward to my X Gym workouts now, as I can see how it is changing my body. ( I can’t believe I just typed that!)

-Diana S.