X Gym App Common Q&X’s

Welcome to the Questions and Xplanations page for the X Gym App!

Here you will find Xplanations, links, and videos to answer common questions asked from members like you.

As you will see, there’s a lot to the X Gym system, but DON’T WORRY – you do not have to know any of this, nor will you be required to learn it. You will Xperience these topics and “X Factors” automatically through the X Gym Xercises and the email lessons.

In other words, use this page as an optional resource, as needed, at your own pace, to maximize your X Gym Xperience as you see fit.

If you have questions beyond what is addressed in the topics below, just fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we will do our best to either reply directly to you ASAP or even add your question to this list.

Q: How do I download the app to my smartphone?

X: Just go to your app store (iPhone or Android) and search for “X Gym Xercise.” Be sure to select the one with the correct X Gym logo (see the top of this page). For a tutorial video, just click here. Also note that you will need to first sign up on a computer to build your login credentials and then you will be able to sign in with the app.

Q: How do I build a workout or select a pre-built routine?

X: It’s easy! Just click here for the quick start tutorial video Xplaining how to build your own routine from the ever Xpanding Xercise library and the options for “Plans” which are pre-built routines.

Q: What is a “Method?”

X: “Method” refers to the way each rep is performed. The X Gym system has 7 different methods, meaning ways of doing the rep. One method is slow motion, moving 7 seconds each way. Another method is stop motion, stops along the way through the range. Another is isometric in nature, with holds in the middle of the range. Those are just three Xamples of the seven methods in the X Gym system. For a full tutorial on all the methods, click here to see the video.

Q: Why are there 7 different methods?

X: Each method is designed to emphasize a different muscle energy system and muscle fiber type. Cycling through a new method every month or two prevents those pesky plateaus so common with traditional training. This cycling also makes sure the brain and nerves are learning new things all the time, which is not only great for brain health and muscle coordination, but it also helps prevent muscle bulking. Traditional training never changes the way the rep is performed and that’s great for getting big, bulky muscles, but for toned defined muscles, the way the rep is performed must be changed regularly.

Q: What does muscle energy system mean?

X: Muscles use different fuels for energy, depending on how they are used. Muscle fuel can come from phosphates, sugar, fat, oxygen and more. Muscles never use one fule type Xclusively, but always in a combination of the fules available. Cycling through different methods also changes the emphasis on the primary energy system used, which helps give you a functional fitness that can be used across a wide range of activities requiring strength, endurance, power, coordination and more.

Q: What is a muscle fiber type?

X: For our purposes here, we will discuss fast twitch muscle fibers and slow twitch muscle fibers. Fast twitch fibers tend to be better at strength and power moves, while slow twitch fibers tend to be better at endurance activities. Bodybuilders trying to bulk up, use fast power moves with heavy weights to emphasize this fiber type because the fast twitch fibers also get bigger more easily than the slow twitch fibers. Bodybuilders and powerlifters also take mini rests between each rep due to the momentum built into traditional reps and then more resets between multiple sets, which is also helpful for bulking up due to the hormone response from that type of training. Additionally, heavy weights, with fast, ballistic traditional reps create microtears in the muscle fibers, producing scar tissue which also contributes to muscle bulk.

Since the X Gym methodology utilizes controlled motions, with long time under tension, it also necessitates light weights, so it feels like more like endurance training, which doesn’t bulk fibers up. Plus, those light weights with controlled motions also prevent microtears, so that’s another layer of bulking avoided. Additionally, because only 1 set is needed with X Gym methods, the bulking hormones aren’t activated either.

X Gym methods do train the fast twitch fibers though because recent research has shown us that going to complete fatigue recruits them effectively. X Gym methods still don’t bulk those muscle up though because since we are essentially doing both endurance and strength training, the muscle doesn’t get bigger, it just gets denser. Men can gain as much as 15-20 pounds of muscle with the X Gym system, but women don’t have the hormones for that, so in both cases, the muscles just get denser, firmer and more defined instead of bigger and bulkier.

Q: What is a “Protocol?”

X: “Protocol” refers to the way each method is performed. There is a specific Xecution that comes with each unique method to ensure proper use and function for the results intended. Each method emphasizes a specific fiber type and energy system, so the cycling of these methods produces a well rounded, functional fitness that has practical application in the real world, helping you enjoy your fitness outside of your workout. Following the “Protocol” also trains your brain and nerves because it requires mindful Xercise and controlled movements due to the Xtreme focus and concentration built into the methodology and protocols.

Q: What is a “Splinter?”

X: A “Splinter” or “Splinter Technique” refers to the Xtra things you do at the end of the Xercise, once you have completed all your reps, or when you have reached complete muscle fatigue, whichever comes first, in order to ensure all the muscles in the chain are fully fatigued and that you are taken to this point with maximum safety and control. “Splinters” also serve as further brain training, and to break your pattern in order to help you push further than you would be able to on your own or using traditional training methods.

Q: What is  “TUT?”

X: Time Under Tension (TUT) refers to the constant contraction of the muscles without any rests or breaks, for the entirety of the Xercise. Most people have to learn this skill over time, so if you find yourself taking little rests or breaks from contraction during the Xercise, just know that you will get better with time as you stretch your mental and physical envelopes. TUT produces endurance, so the longer you stay in contraction, the more endurance results you will get out of the system. TUT also is what gets you to Complete Muscle Fatigue faster, so the Xercise is shorter with more TUT. Click here to see the video on TUT and CMF.

Q: What is “CMF?”

X: Complete Muscle Fatigue (CMF) is necessary for strength results. This is also where toning results come from. When the muscle runs out of fuel, it sees a need for change. If it can do that last rep, it won’t see the need for change and will mostly stay the same. The point of these Xercises is to use TUT to get to CMF – even to the point where you can’t finish the Xercise, for best results. With traditional training, it’s all accomplishing a certain weight or number of reps to gauge progress, but with this system, it’s all about getting to the point where you fail and can’t go on because that is where the muscle is forced to change. This is very intense, but the X Gym system gets you there safer, without the need for heavy weights, ballistic movements or lots of reps. Click here to see the video on TUT and CMF.

Q: What is “Brain Training?”

X: The Xercises themselves, with the implementation of the methods, protocols, and splinters, are brain training in themselves as they increase your coordination and Xpand your mental envelope with more tolerance and “toughness” over time. This also has crossover application to other areas of your life as the brain literally changes and rewires in certain beneficial ways. Because this style requires “mindfulness” (focus and concentration), it is also beneficial for anti-aging strategies in the brain. Beyond the Xercises, there are additional brain training techniques you will Xperience through select lessons you will see in your inbox as an app member.

Q: What is “Nerve Training?”

X: Because of the focus, concentration and controlled motion nature of the Xercises, the nervous system is intensively trained with the X Gym system. This increases coordination and helps with strength and sports performance, as opposed to traditional training, which detrains the nerves and decreases coordination. This is also why the X Gym is so highly acclaimed by doctors, health professionals, and physical therapists who consistently refer their patients ranging from those with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, MS and other neurodegenerative diseases.

Q: What are “X Factors?”

X: The principles of TUT, CMF, brain training, and other Xclusive aspects of the X Gym system are often referred to as “X Factors” because of their unique nature, not found in traditional training or other forms of exercise.

Q: How do I know if I’m getting results?

X: This system isn’t about weights, getting to a certain number of reps, setting PR’s, or anything like traditional training. The point is to get to CMF, where you FAIL and can’t finish. This might seem like you aren’t getting anywhere because each workout feels as hard or maybe even harder than the one before it, but that just means your doing it right and getting the point where you’re muscles can’t go on and have run out of fuel, which is where the magic happens and the results come fast.

You will notice that you are going longer in TUT and reaching higher levels of CMF in your workout, but the real results will be realized in the real world, outside of your workout, doing the active fun things you enjoy! You will also notice crossover application to other areas of your life, where you are able to push harder and farther than ever before. It’s about getting healthy, strong, vital and fit, so you enjoy life more, instead of setting records with weights or reps that don’t have any real practical application toward achieving a happier, better or healthier life.

There are 10,080 minutes in a week. You will spend 42 of those minutes with your X Gym Xercise. The 42 X Gym minutes won’t feel very successful if you are going to CMF because you are essentially failing at the end as you can’t complete that last rep. That’s the point though. The sacrifice is spending 42 minutes failing to enjoy the remaining 10,038 minutes in the week through feeling stronger, fitter, more toned, defined, happier, healthier and even Xperiencing better sleep, just to name a few Xamples of the amazing things that happen as a result of those “hard” 42 minutes you invest each week.

The bottom line is if you hang in there with TUT to get to true CMF, you can Xpect Xtraordinary results – even 2-3X that of what you would get with traditional training!

Q: How many sets should I be doing of each Xercise?

X: Just one! Research shows that as long as you push to CMF, additional sets beyond just one won’t produce any additional results. They are essentially just a waste of time. If you don’t push to CMF however, you do need to take the additional time to do multiple sets like with traditional training methods.

Q: How many days per week should I be doing workouts?

X: Two days per week is all you need if you are doing TUT properly with no rests (even min-rests) and reaching true CMF. If you are a beginner and are still learning TUT and CMF, or you are still working up to the point where you can master them, then 3 days a week might be better until you get to that point.

Q: What about the warmup?

X: The warmup is actually built-in to each Xercise because of the Xtended TUT. This is another reason the X Gym methodology takes so much less time.

Warmer muscles are stronger muscles and also more resistant to injury, so it’s great to get that internal temperature up, but this happens automatically after only about 1 minute of TUT due to the continual contraction creating this internal heat. The muscles heat up fast with TUT, but with traditional warmups, the muscles are getting micro-rests between each rep, which takes much longer.

With TUT, after about a minute, the muscles are warm and are able to produce more strength to put into the Xercise. Then after about two minutes, they are even warmer, which is perfect timing because that last minute in the 3 minutes Xercise is the most important minute where you need the most strength input for the maximum output.

Q: Should I do a cooldown?

X: A cooldown is great if you have time, but with the X Gym methodology, it’s not necessary. Cooldowns are a good idea with traditional training because microtears (little mini-muscle tears) are common and the cooldown helps to reduce muscle soreness. The X Gym methods don’t cause microtears though, so if someone does get sore, it’s not for that reason, so the cooldown isn’t necessary. But if you hoave the time and it feels good to you or helps you wind down physically or mentally, by all means, do it!

Q: Do I need a stretching routine too?

X: Stretching is great and we highly encourage it, but most X Gymers don’t because they are busy people with little spare time. Yoga is great too, but it takes a lot of time so X Gymers typically aren’t interested. The X Gym Xercises use a big range of motion, with controlled movements so that does increase overall flexibility as those movements are larger than everyday ranges of motion. This will increase your active range of motion over time without stretching, as opposed to traditional training, which can make you tighter due to the ballistic nature of the movements.

Q: Is the photo necessary in my profile?

X: No, and neither is completing all the aspects of your profile, but if you are interested in connecting with others who are app members it’s a great idea.

Q: I’m not sure I’m doing this right. Can I get a one-on-one session to have my form and intensity checked?

X: Yes, but to save you money, first try it in front of a mirror and compare your form to what you see in the app because that might be enough. If you still want Xtra help with form, coaching, or intensity, you can purchase a 50-minute session to go over all that live, with a certified X Gym trainer, online, via Skype, for $288. Just email pj@xgym.con to set that up.

Q: What is the optional wristband system all about?

X: For those who are motivated by achieving higher levels in a program, you can enroll in our wristband system for no Xtra charge. We will mail you a white band to wear on your wrist for starters. Then, as you progress through the achievement of certain things, your color changes. For the color chart and metric required, click here to see the graphic. If this interests you, just email pj@xgym.com with your address and you’ll get yours! Then as you honestly feel you have achieved the requirements for the next level, email with your best address again for your new color. Yes, it’s on the honor system (for the first four colors), but we trust you because our app members are way more honest than traditional app users. 😉

Q: How is the X Gym a “System?”

X: The X Gym methods, protocols, splinters, X Factors, brain training and health and fitness course all combine to what is referred to as the X Gym “System.” You can get results without combining them all, but the sum is greater than the parts and the combination of all the parts produces the best results that last a lifetime as habits are changed and new routines are established. To get this course automatically sent to your inbox, be sure to click the checkbox “Get our newsletter” as you sign up (see screenshot below). It’s that easy!


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