What’s the single best exercise?

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We hear a lot of talk and debate about the best exercise someone can do and YouTube is full of varying ideas and opinions.

Many say it’s the burpee.  Some say it’s the barbell squat. Others say it’s sprinting. X Gymers might claim it’s our Versa Pulley or Vertical Climber.

I say it’s whatever you will do the most frequently and stick with it because if you go with a YouTuber’s favorite, you might not like it and then peter out, which is never the path to results.

The X Gym app is 2-4 min per Xercise, as well as full 21-minute routines when you have that kind of time.

Doing “singles” is what most people find most beneficial with the app because it takes so little time. I call those “Xercise snaX,” and research shows they are astonishingly beneficial, even to the extent of 30-40% all-cause mortality reduction vs people who don’t.

Committing to 2-4 minutes is a nice place to start too. As far as intensity goes, use your own subjective Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE). Rate that effort on a scale of 0-10 and see what number you can achieve by the end of your Xercise snaX. Don’t judge yourself either. In fact, any number is great and is good reason for celebration. Your RPE number will increase with time though, as your tolerance builds. But even then, you may have bad days where it goes back down, but it’s still a win because you did it!

This is good timing to start too because building that tolerance and establishing that habit will carry you through the holiday season and give you momentum into the new year.

Most people gain about 8 lbs between October and December. Then, if they do lose it, it usually takes from January to May (if they are lucky). Yes, this is how gain and loss works. Weight gain is twice as fast as the loss of that same weight. I know it’s not fair, but that’s how it usually works.

Obviously, the best solution is to minimize that gain, and that’s how Xercise snaX can help, but they will also help to take it off.

Another way they help minimize the gain is through helping produce the right brain neurotransmitters for mood, and impulse control (AKA willpower), as seen in the graphic below.

So start today with your Xercise snaX, whether it’s through the app, or something you invent yourself! 2-4 minutes of vigorous activity is all it takes (click here to see one example).

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