The benefits of Xercise (even when you don’t feel like it)

We all have those days when Xercise doesn’t seem possible, usually due to one or more of the most common Xcuses below:

  • Not enough time
  • Too tired
  • Too hungry
  • Feeling punky
  • Too Xpensive
  • Too stressed/frazzled
  • Bad mood
  • Yadda, yadda…

And there are so many more our brain can come up with to help us conserve energy (what the body was designed to do) and stay in our comfort cocoon (what the brain tries to get us to do).

The bottom line though, is even when we are having a bad day and Xercise is the last thing we would rather do, it’s still worth it even if the workout ends up SUCKING because the following benefits are still enjoyed jus from the activity and Xertion, no matter how little it ends up being:

  1. Habit formation is the #1 reason to train on those “bad” days. When you train no matter what (Xcept if you are truly sick), you are creating and reinforcing nerve pathways in your brain that forms your identity as a fit and healthy person. Then, over time, Xercise is automatic instead of a chore, or something that requires willpower.
  2. It reinforces Xercise as your keystone habit. Scientists have found the exercise supports your other healthy habits better than any other habit, so when you work out, you also tend to eat better, drink more water, and make other healthy lifestyle choices better than when you don’t train regularly (twice a week or more).
  3. Xercise favorably changes your gut microbiome balance INDEPENDENT of nutritional changes! That’s huge for gut health, immune function, brain health and so much more.
  4. Your mood is boosted significantly – even with a “lame” workout! This one is huge because the Xcuse you were trying to use to avoid it probably had at least something to do with your mood or attitude.
  5. Your brain loves oxygen and moving to the point of breathing harder than normal gets oxygen up there! Oxygen to the brain also happens to be the #1 anti-aging and anti-dementia technique.
  6. An increased metabolism is always the result of any Xercise session, whether hard or easy. Who doesn’t want that?
  7. Your heart, lungs, skin, eyes, organs and every other part of your body benefit from Xercise, even if it’s a low-energy session.
  8. Even a “light” workout will reduce your blood pressure and blood sugar levels, giving you a longer, healthier life that is more resistant to heart disease and diabetes.
  9. Stress is blown off through Xercise and chances are, the reason you tried to use to avoid Xercise probably had at least something to do with stress.
  10. Your self-image gets a HUGE boost when you Xercise ESPECIALLY when you bust through an Xcuse to avoid it.

These are only some of the many reasons to exercise, but hopefully, you can now see more clearly how important it is anytime, any day, in any mood, feeling or state.

Here’s a short vid I shot when I didn’t feel like Xercising and didn’t have one of my trainers to help me. I had to train myself, by myself, on a day when I really didn’t feel like it for several “good” reasons. I did it anyway and was so glad I did!