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What to eat when fasting

By PJ Glassey / / Comments Off on What to eat when fasting

The true meaning of fasting is to keep calories out of your mouth for the period of time you are fasting, whether this is intermittent fasting or extended fasting. Obviously, water is fine, since it is 0 calories and encouraged, of course (and lots of it – more than normal to stave off hunger) because,…

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New brain typing technology!

By PJ Glassey / / Comments Off on New brain typing technology!

I’ve learned a lot since starting the X Gym in 1998. Since then, and even before that, I’ve averaged about 2 hours per day studying research in exercise science and nutrition science. And then, since the year 2000, when my mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, I threw myself into studying brain science as well.…

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