Sugar-Free Challenge!

Take The X Gym 21-Day Sugar-Free Challenge!

Who: EVERYONE is encouraged to join – Especially YOU!

What: Go sugar-free for 21 days.

When: It starts 8/7, but write your name on the board as your “pledge” NOW!

Where: The Alki and Eastside X Gyms.

How: Just write your name on the chalkboard and make x’s (see below) as long as you are still sugar-free (it’s the honor system).

Why: To rewire your brain and break the sugar habit! You will create a breakthrough in your relationship to sugar, how it makes you feel, and how it affects your energy, mood, skin, body, and mind. Sugar is hidden in many foods that we think are healthy! When you educate yourself and break the cravings, you empower yourself to make it easier choose what you put in your body.

The rules: No added sugar of any kind. No sweeteners of any kind either (even natural Stevia). A little fruit is ok (i.e. 1 serving per day) and some alcohol is ok, but only no sugar alcohols (confirmed through the source, like

Steps to start the sugar-free challenge and earn points:

  1. The next time you are in the gym, write your name on the board.
  2. Read the following article and take note of the 61 different alias’s for sugar that could be hiding in your food:
  3. Earn one point for every day you accomplish your goal of eating zero added sugars (21 possible points).
  4. One point per week for everyone in your life that you enroll in the contest and who participates with you (7 billion possible points, if you were to recruit everyone on the planet).
  5. One point for every workout you attend during the 21-day challenge: cardio (solo or group), group training, or one to one.
  6. One point for each relevant article, podcast, movie or other media on the subject on your own that you send to or! We will review and compile a list of resources for everyone to have and share with others!
  7. Three points for every new person you introduce to X Gym, who completes an intro workout.

Important: For every point you earn, place an “x”  by your name on the Official Challenge Grid, in that particular week’s column.

If you cheat (intentionally or not, so READ YOUR LABELS), you stop putting X’s on the board at that point, but please leave your x’s up there for the final tally.

Grand prize: Your very own HUGE batch of sugar-free fitness chocolate, made by PJ! AND A NEW BRAIN, WITHOUT THE SUGAR CRAVINGS!