Step Two

Welcome back to X Gym University!

Consistency is the key to success. The best way to make this happen with your Xercise is to put your workout in your calendar, as a non-negotiable appointment, as if it’s with the most important person you can think of – someone who you wouldn’t dream of canceling or rescheduling with. Because you know what? YOU are that important! If you don’t put yourself as your #1 priority, you will never achieve the optimal fitness you desire. This might feel uncomfortable, or even “selfish” to some, but you would be surprised how many people use the “Xcuse” of putting other things and people ahead of themselves to push that workout off, and when that happens, the workout usually doesn’t happen. Since Xercise is the best “keystone habit” (meaning it supports other healthy habits the best of any habit you can start), it makes the whole health and fitness journey much easier. This is why your Xercise appointment is so vitally important. And remember, it’s only 21 minutes, so the world can wait that long while you take that short amount of time for your Xercise!

Xfactor Xplanation: “Methods” and “Splinter Techniques.”

When we say “method,” we are referring to how the reps are performed. Some are slow, some have an isometric emphasis, some require direction changes, but all are controlled, so your strength and endurance results are maximized, along with safety. This control and variation between workouts and routines also trains your nerves more than any other training methodology in the industry, which adds even more to your strength and coordination results, but also contributes to brain health and nervous system fitness. This combination of nerve training, endurance training, and strength training is what causes X Gym results to happen so much faster and without the normally associated muscle bulk of traditional methods. Note: you might also see or hear see the term “protocol,” which simply refers to the specific steps of how a particular method is performed.

The term “splinter technique” refers to the unique variations that are done at the end of the Xercise – when fatigue is reached – to get you past fatigue and to make sure all the muscles involved are targeted properly. You won’t have to learn any of the “methods” or “splinters” if you don’t want to though. Just follow along with the instructions provided in the app videos, or from your online or Eastside club trainer. It’s that easy. You will become more familiar with the methods and splinters over time, and more proficient at them as your brain and nerves learn them, but you don’t have to actually try to do this. Your job is simply to show up and follow instructions!

Nutrition Revolution Step: Eat Five or More Servings of Green Vegetables per day.

A serving is a bunch of veggies about the size of your fist.

Organic is best, but strive as best as you can to at least make sure it is non-GMO.

PJ gets a couple servings in his smoothie each morning (usually in the form of frozen, chopped spinach). Then he eats another two servings for snacks during the day (like a salad, or dried broccoli from Trader Joe’s, or kale chips from Costco as just a few Xamples).

Then he’ll eat another 2-3 servings for dinner, often using his fav – the broiled broccoli recipe on the X Gym recipe site ( The video below will show you how easy this is to make!

Brain Training Revolution: Rewire Your Cravings.

You may already love veggies, but if not, the video below will show you how to get started on your way in that direction. PJ used to be a major sugar addict, but now, after rewiring his brain with the very techniques he’s showing you here, he craves broccoli (and many other healthy foods) much more than he ever craved sugary treats!

If that didn’t work, just email PJ for more customized ideas and/or brain training, based on your individual challenges and goals.

Resource Revolution: 

Remember the Q & X’s page, which Xplains the answers to common questions from X Gym app users, but also addresses the same common questions from online training members and Eastside club members.

Here is an additional resource: X Gym’s Facebook Page: Be sure to “Like” it too, so you can enjoy continued engagement with the X Gym crowd and other Tribe members – plus, you will find more great content and inspiration from X Gym posts!

Revolution Reminder:

This “course” is intended for X Gym members in order to learn the unique Xercise methodology and health principles, but our main goal is to help as many people as possible, so if you know other people who could also be helped with this information, please feel free to forward any or all of these pages or email issues to those individuals.

The advice and guidance given at the X Gym, through emails, newsletters, blogs, and other sources are not meant to replace any advice given by your medical practitioner. All ideas, guidance, and concepts should be confirmed with your medical practitioner to be appropriate for you before implementing or adopting anything new into your lifestyle.