Step Seven

Xfactor Xplanation: Xpect Outside Results.

You have probably noticed by now that we don’t pay much attention to reps, weights and sets like traditional training does. We focus on TUT, safety, form, and function instead, which has been proven by current science to be vastly superior to the traditional sets and reps methodology created back in 1891.

Since we don’t focus on weights and reps, feelings of getting stronger INSIDE your workout may not be the same as your previous experiences with traditional training. With the X Gym methods, you will notice your strength, coordination and endurance improve OUTSIDE your workouts, in the real world.

Like the video Xplained in the welcome email of this course, if you are pushing through TUT to true CMF, you will feel like each workout is as hard or maybe even harder than the one before it. Perceptually, that might even make you feel like you are getting weaker, but as you Xperience the X Gym concepts and methodology more, you will begin to “get it” and notice the health and fitness results where and when they really matter – in your real life.

The 42 minutes you spend each week doing X Gym Xercise won’t necessarily be a good time but there are 10,080 minutes in a week, so the remaining 10,038 minutes you have left each week will be vastly better, no matter what you are doing.

Noticing things like how much easier it is to climb stairs or carry heavy things will happen first. Then you will see your results in other activities like sports and other functional movements which require less effort and have become more fluid. Then you will see it in better sleep, improved coordination, and also in the mirror, as you notice muscle tone improvements and begin to receive compliments from others about how you are looking better.

Results OUTSIDE the gym is why you are here anyway, right? You want to be able to do the things you enjoy and have an active, healthy life, with improved strength, endurance, vitality, and energy. Looking and feeling younger, leaner, and more toned is another benefit of the X Gym style, so you have that to look forward to as well.

Nutrition Revolution: Continue Reducing Grains, but also sugar and starches.

I’m sure you remember the last step, “Start Reducing Grains” and this one is a continuation of that because people often find weaning off grains can be challenging and most usually can’t do it in just one week. Maybe you are taking it slow and cutting just one type of grain out per week. Maybe you are taking it fast and cutting out several types per week, or even all grains cold turkey! Whatever your pace, just keep moving along, making continual progress toward that goal. Continued forward movement is the most important thing.

As you cut grains, you will find it easier to cut sugar and starches too because they share the same pathway in the brain. In fact, grains and other starches turn into sugar (glucose) anyway, soon after you ingest them.

Can you reach your fitness goals with grains, starches, and sugar in your life? Maybe, but these three will certainly make it harder to achieve your goals and it will take MUCH more time.

Can you reach optimal health with these three in your life? Nope. Did I lose you here? Some people tune me out at this point because grains, sugar and starches cause such a strong addiction, cutting them can be overwhelming. Luckily, I’ve got some brain training help for you, so stick with the lesson so far and be sure to ask me for more if needed!

Jen, an X Gymer, who did take this information to heart, told me a story about when she was in line at a store with a cart full of healthy foods and the woman behind her commented about it. This woman claimed that she couldn’t possibly eat like Jen does because she “loved” her bread too much. Jen said, “No, you don’t love bread. You love your kids and your dog and your family. You’re ADDICTED to bread and you can break that addiction like I did.” The woman started crying and agreed. That’s how strong the addiction pattern can be and millions know how that feels, so if you do too, you’re not alone, but this course can help!

Grains (especially those which contain gluten), sugar, and starches also cause inflammation, gastrointestinal malfunction, thyroid disruption and other problems that can prevent you from achieving your health and fitness goals.

Is it worth it to prevent yourself from reaching optimal health, in order to keep these three in your life? That’s only for you to decide.

If you are still skeptical about all this, I don’t blame you. Most people are. Don’t just take my word for it though. Check out the video below:

Brain Training Revolution: 

At about this point in your Xtraordinary X Gym journey, you might be dealing with what I call the “Pain/Pleasure Scale.” This is when some people start associating more pain than pleasure in the program. The people who understand it can push through this phase and end up with permanent fitness lifestyle habits. Would you like to learn how to do that? Well, that secret is in the videos below…

Part 1:

Part 2:

If this step didn’t help, just email me for more customized ideas, based on your individual challenges and goals through

This is your last lesson with X Gym University, so congratulations on completing it! There is more though if you want, so stay tuned for a bonus issue…

Resource Revolution:

Lastly, here is another resource for you to look into: The DVD! If you are an app user, you won’t actually need it because the app is better, but If you would like a copy for someone else who you would like to introduce to the X Gym Xercise style (and then maybe become part of the Tribe as an app user), just email to order your copy.

Revolution Reminder: 

This “course” is intended for X Gym members and app users in order to learn the unique Xercise methodology and health principles, but our main goal is to help as many people as possible, so if you know other people who could also be helped with this information, please feel free to forward any or all of these pages or email issues to those individuals.

The advice and guidance given at the X Gym, through emails, newsletters, blogs, and other sources are not meant to replace any advice given by your medical practitioner. All ideas, guidance, and concepts should be confirmed with your medical practitioner to be appropriate for you before implementing or adopting anything new into your lifestyle.