Step Fourteen- Consider Intermittent Fasting

Xfactor Xplanation: Internal vs. Xternal Focus

Does the “burn” ever distract you from finishing any of your Xercises? Do you feel like your brain is running out of fuel before your muscles do? Would you be interested in learning a technique that can solve both of those problems and more, while increasing your results by at least 20%? Then watch the short video below and learn all about it!

Nutrition Revolution Step: Consider Intermittent Fasting

Remember the previous X Gym U course, which discussed reducing calories for a longer life? Well, intermittent fasting is one good way to do that, which many people find, is also one of the easiest ways. Plus, it’s a detox of sorts, so the implications for improving your health and getting leaner can be staggering, based on client results and what the scientific studies have to say about it. Detoxing has a myriad of benefits to the body, and there are different ways on which this can be achieved such as using an ionic foot bath. However, some people can dispute this and talk about how this may not work. It is best to do your own research in on the ion detox foot bath hoax and see how it can be challenged. For now, we will be discussing what intermittent fasting can do for you.

Intermittent fasting is the name for a technique where a fast is performed occasionally. Some people pick a day in the week and drink only water. Others take two days off from food every two weeks. Some may even take 4-5 days off each month, but the easiest way I’ve found is to establish an “eating window” of 8 hours during each day and then only eat healthy food during that 8 hour window.

The reason fasting works so well for burning fat is because it is a detox technique, so cells begin to get eaten up by the body as it runs out of fuel. Conveniently, the first cells the body eats are the dirty cells that are just about worn out and need to be taken out of the body anyway. Then the body starts eating the fat cells, so it’s a great way to burn those off.

Another benefit to intermittent fasting is that people tend to eat less calories overall, which as mentioned, helps increase longevity. For gobs of other benefits, see this post.

Dr. Mercola is one of my very favorite sources on health topics and he has created a great info graphic below. He also has great information on his website at

Intermittent Fasting


Brain Training Revolution:

Did you know that simply changing the words you use can transform your experiences, habits, attitude and moods, which can in turn, transform your eating patterns without the need for willpower? It’s true – especially when it comes to emotinoal eating! Just watch the video below to learn hoe to do this handy, easy technique:

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