Physical health has plummeted since 2019

According to a recent Gallup poll, health has fallen off a cliff starting in 2020.

Any ideas why? Oh, I sure have some thoughts…

The percentage of U.S. adults whom Gallup classifies as obese has reached an estimated 38.4%, up 6.0 percentage points since 2019 and just shy of the record high of 39.9% measured in 2022.

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Perhaps it wasn’t the smartest move in the world to just throw everyone in their homes for months and months on end, closing down gyms and even city parks, and essentially directing people to just sit in front of streaming services for hours and hours per day?

All of that stress predictably led to excesses of junk food binging: “The percentage of adults who report eating healthy the prior day has dropped 5.0 points since 2019, from 51.7% to 46.7%, with particularly large declines in healthy eating among those aged 30 to 44 (down 9.2 points).” – Gallup

Lock people in their homes and tell them the world is ending and they might suffer a hideously painful death from a respiratory virus, and they’re probably gonna stress-eat…

“Much of the recent increase in obesity,” Gallup noted drily, “may be associated with modified health behaviors resulting from the pandemic.” – Gallup

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I would kindly suggest that the next time an “illness” starts “spreading” around the “world,” whatever else we do, we don’t do… well, ANYTHING we did last time!

So, what’s the best thing to do next time? Pretty much the opposite of last time. And certainly, ignore your government’s “advice.” They got everything wrong, so they have clearly proved their incompetence (or malevolence).
Here’s the top 10 in my personal plan (pretty much what I did last time):
  1. Xercise every day.
  2. Get outside as much as possible, especially in the sun.
  3. Zero maskwearing.
  4. Zero “recommended” or “mandated” injections.
  5. Eat real organic food only (no processed food) and lots of clean filtered water (Zero and Berkey are best).
  6. Pray, read the Bible, and gratitude journal every day.
  7. Stay away from hospitals if at all possible.
  8. Daily stress reduction activities (Xercise, meditation, breathing, etc.).
  9. Brain train according to my brain type (I’m the “Innovator” and “Scientist” types).
  10. Supplement Vitamin D3, K2, C, quercitin, zinc, magnesium, Selenium (3 Brazil nuts/day) bromelain, turmeric, and a good multivitamin.
What should your plan be? Ask your doctor what you should do, but if he/she followed the CDC, FDA, Fauci, and other government “expert” advice last time, find a new doctor who didn’t.