My Top 7 Get Well Supplements

My Top Get Well Supplements

Being sick sucks, and when clients are sick, they have to miss their X Gym workout. No one wants that. We don’t want that, and clients don’t want that, because it gets in their way of getting in shape!

If you saw my post on staying well, you saw my top seven tips and tricks for that. If you follow those, you won’t get sick very often. I sure follow them, and I rarely do. If you don’t follow them however, and do and up getting sick, then here are the top 7 supplements I recommend for getting well as fast as possible.

Along with these supplements, taking it easy, resting, drinking lots of pure water, staying warm, and visualizing yourself healthy are all very important pieces to getting healthy. You should also make sure you are consulting your qualified medical professional about getting well. Make sure to run all these supplements by them too, so you know there will be no conflicts with your specific health conditions or medications.

All of the supplements listed below are also in the picture above, so you can see exactly what they look like.

1.) Probiotics. I take a maintenance dose of one capsule per day on an empty stomach, but when ill, you can take a couple capsules every few hours. As mentioned, they work best taken on an empty stomach. Your immune system is dependent on your digestive health. In fact, your intestinal flora is responsible for about 80% of your immune system. This is why people who eat crappy food get sick all the time, and why people who eat organic, clean food don’t.

2.) Liposomal vitamin C. I get this from I take a maintenance dose of one capsule per day, but for those who are trying to get well, up to one capsule every three hours can be helpful. I’ve got friends that have even looked into using Capsule Supplies products to fill empty capsules with supplements of their choosing; I may give this a try at some stage and let you know how this goes.

3.) Vitamin D3. I take 5000 IU per day as a maintenance dose, but people who are sick sometimes take up to 50,000 IU per day. People get scared of taking too much vitamin D3 because it’s a fat-soluble vitamin, but it’s really hard to build this up to toxic levels that have any negative effects, especially taking high levels only in the short term.

4.) Zinc. I take 1 to 2 capsules per day only if I feel like I might be starting to fight something off. I don’t need a maintenance dose, because my nutrition provides plenty of this each day.

5.) Olive leaf extract. I take this also only when I’m feeling like a virus or bacteria bug is trying to grab a hold of me. I just follow the directions on the bottle for this one.

6.) Vitamin K2. I take one of these each day to help my absorption of vitamin D3, but if the vitamin D3 dose goes up to get over a bug, 2 to 3 of these would be helpful to assist in absorbing that extra vitamin D3.

7.) Oregano oil. I take this also only when I’m feeling like a bug is trying to grab a hold of me. I just follow the directions on the bottle for this one too.

Again, because of my nutrition habits, I rarely get sick, and when I do, it’s usually because I have been traveling and have gone off my normal nutrition habits, or haven’t had enough sleep for a few days in a row. If I do feel something coming on, I can usually fight it off by returning to good healthy eating and resting, along with taking these supplements for a few days until I feel better. Then I continue to take them for another few days.

Hope this helps you if you find yourself snagged by a bug so you can get better faster and get back to your workouts sooner!