Modern Science is a Complete Circus

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As Einstein said, “Science can only flourish in an atmosphere if free speech.” I agree, so I’m gong to keep finding way around the commie anti-freedom censors as long as I can.

This article on the “rigged” pharma “science” is from one of the many sites Facebook blocks, but I’m not a commie, so I like people to know all sides of a topic:

This article is titled:

The vast majority of pharmacology, psychiatry, vaccine science and published research is a complete fraud

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The jist of the article is:

Most published research is a complete fraud, dominated by crooked “scientists” who fabricate research to collect the grant money from those who pay for “evidence” to be created to “support” their false narratives. Here are just a few examples of this corruption and deceit:

1.) Decades of Alzheimer’s research is all FRAUD.

Alzheimer’s research is now being called into question as it turns out researchers doctors photos of amyloid proteins to make it appear as if these proteins cause Alzheimer’s.

Why did they fake the photos? To collect on over $28 million in grants from the NIH, of course, which hands out grants to anyone who can prop up the lies of Big Pharma, allowing the pharmaceutical industry to sell more drugs that don’t work.

2.) Antidepressant “serotonin” research was all FAKED.

The entire industry of antidepressant drugs based entirely on FRAUD… there is no “brain chemistry imbalance” that’s solved by SSRI pills.

The more you look into Big Pharma and so-called medical “science,” the more you realize it’s all a massive, coordinated, greed-driven fraud to sell prescription medications to people who don’t need them and won’t be helped by them.

As reports, the entire fraud has been blown apart by a new study at University College London that confirms there’s no link whatsoever between low serotonin levels and depression. The pharmaceutical cartels simply made it all up, lying to the public and promising that SSRI pills will make you happier. In reality, it only made Big Pharma richer. The entire industry is rooted in fraud and fake science.

3.) Climate “science” is a complete fictional LIE rooted in the absurd idea that carbon dioxide is a “pollutant” that kills green plants.

As a hilarious example of the junk science lunacy of the climate cult, look no further than the corporate-controlled media, which now claims that every country in the world is heating up faster than every other country in the world.

Such a claim is mathematically impossible, yet it has become the default lunatic claim of the climate cult media, regardless of its incomprehensible nature.

The following list was compiled by Americas Frontline News:

  • “Europe heating up faster than much of the world, climate scientist says,” reported CBC News last week.  Last year, however, it was Israel. 
  • “Israel warming up almost twice as fast as rest of world, data shows,” reported Ynet News. Then again, so was New England. 
  • “Study: New England Is Warming Up Faster Than The Rest Of The World,” reported CBS News.  As was Europe… 
  • “Europe is warming faster than the rest of the world and scientists are puzzled,” reported, and Africa, which had been heating up more than the global average for decades. 
  • “Africa warming faster than rest of world: IPCC Sixth Assessment Report,” reported Down to Earth. 
  • “Africa Warming More, Faster Than Other World Regions,” echoed VOA News. 
  • “The report finds the warming trend over the last three decades in all African subregions was stronger than in the previous 30 years. During this period, it said Africa has warmed faster than the global average temperature over land and ocean combined,” the article said. The year before that, it was China. 
  • “China Is Heating Up Faster Than The Global Average, Data Shows,” reported Bloomberg in 2020, saying it had been happening for decades. 
  • “China has seen faster temperature increases and rising sea levels than the global average rate over the past few decades, and experienced more frequent extreme weather events, according to official data,” said the article. But other outlets said it was Australia. 
  • “Australia is Warming Faster than Global Average,” reported Statista in 2020. 
  • A review by America’s Frontline News of Israeli media reports found that the expected heatwaves the media are using to push climate alarmism are actually cooler than last year’s. 
  • “The Health Ministry issued an extreme temperature warning as a heatwave intensified on Wednesday, with its peak expected on Thursday,” reported Times of Israel Wednesday.  

Gosh, global warming is so bad that it somehow makes every country hotter than all other countries, even if those countries are themselves hotter than all the rest of the countries. Circular logic. Total fraud. Welcome to the climate cult, where logic is never allowed.

Climate “science,” of course, is rigged like everything else. There is no global warming crisis, carbon dioxide is not a pollutant, and the so-called “greenhouse gas” effect from CO2 is complete fictionIt’s all made up.

As reports today:

  • A study that investigated the placement of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) temperature stations found that 96 percent of the facilities used to measure heat failed to meet the agency’s own “uncorrupted placement” standards.
  • Research for the study shows the 96 percent corruption is because the stations’ measurements are tainted by the effects of urbanization – or heat produced because of their close proximity to asphalt, machinery, and other heat-producing, heat-trapping, or heat-accentuating objects.

In other words, the way the corrupt NOAA rigs “global warming” is to place temperature stations near hot roads and overheated urban areas, then scream, “It’s warming!”

The NOAA is a junk science laundering front for the trillion-dollar climate industry, and the entire industry is rooted in fraud and deception. This is becoming increasingly obvious to German citizens, by the way, who are suddenly realizing they will freeze this winter due to a lack of natural gas energy from Russia, since the suicidal leaders of western Europe decided to dismantle most fossil fuel resources and try to survive on solar and wind.

The gamble has been catastrophic. It’s not even cold yet, and several German cities are already turning off lights and hot showers to try to conserve energy use in anticipation of an energy collapse this winter, reports The Guardian:

  • Cities in Germany are switching off spotlights on public monuments, turning off fountains, and imposing cold showers on municipal swimming pools and sports halls, as the country races to reduce its energy consumption in the face of a looming Russian gas crisis.

What happened to all the green “science” that was supposed to save the world while getting people off fossil fuels? It turned out to be a complete scientific fraud pushed by bad faith politicians, obedient journalists and virtue signaling corporations.

Now, western Europe will face an economic implosion, widespread homelessness, joblessness, starvation and life-threatening exposure to cold weather in the months ahead. This is all rooted in western “science,” don’t forget, which claims to have a monopoly on “facts” and wants to rule your life and tell you how much energy you’re allowed to consume.

Oh, and remember the climate crisis panic of the 70’s when we were all told the world would end soon in an ice age, due to global COOLING?

Here’s the article from TIME to jog your memory because people quickly forget:

And here’s one of the many publications discussing it back then:

4.) Vaccine “science” is the worst and biggest FRAUD in the history of the planet.

And the FDA and the CDC are in on it, just as guilty as the pharma cartels who make the dangerous, deadly experimental injections that are nowhere close to true efficacy.

Remember when the CDC promised the “COVID vaccine” would protect you from getting it?

Remember when the FDA accepted junk science from big Pharma (their funders) to “authorize” their clients’ products? Now they are authorizing their buddies to pop out new versions for new scariants without any studies at all.

The bottom line? Nearly everything pushed under the claimed label of “science” is pure fakery and fraud.

The science journals themselves are filled with deliberate fiction, hoping to deceive the world into supporting more government-funded “research” into whatever narrative nets the most grant money.

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