Metabolism Day

It's a Party and You're Invited!

See the graphic below for the details on the lab panel blood draw (it's super quick and easy), testing your metabolic biomarkers.

You will learn crucial information about your metabolism and health, so you can target any issues through tweaking your exercise, lifestyle habits, and nutrition to optimize it fully.

  • HbA1C is much better than a blood sugar test because it shows what your blood sugar has been doing over the last few months, instead of a snapshot at the moment, since blood sugar varies widely throughout the day.
  • Insulin is rarely (if ever) ordered in doctor's tests, but it gives you valuable information about your insulin sensitivity level, which is a window into your pancreas health, reasons for hunger, and how effectively your cells are responding to this potentially fattening hormone (especially if it is chronically elevated).
  • TSH tests your thyroid health, which is the most important regulator of metabolism of any organ in your body, as well as your energy level, mental clarity, body weight, and much more.
  • Lipid panel (fractionated) is another rare but useful test because it tells you the particle size of your different types of cholesterol, which gives you the REAL picture instead of just total cholesterol, LDLs, and HDLs.
  • Blood pressure is a clue into your vascular health and should be checked regularly, so this is a great opportunity to keep tabs on that again.

All these combine to provide you with an overall picture of your metabolic health (plus other important health markers). This vital information will help you biohack your own metabolism and health with targeted strategies to improve and optimize it, as well as address any issues that might be going on which you might not have known about.

All this for just $120! The average market price for these tests at a local lab would be approximately $350.

PLUS, you get these (optional) FREE BONUSES for partying with us:

  • Bonus #1: BEI test (Bio Electrical Impendence) measuring your muscle, bodyfat, and more, segmenting you into 6 body sections with Xceptional accuracy ($58 value).
  • Bonus #2: PJ's Brain Type Test, unlocking your secret superpowers for faster health and fitness results ($49 value).
  • Bonus #3: Fitness chocolate snacks in a variety of flavors and Xperiences (priceless).
  • Bonus #4: Everyone who shows up is entered into a drawing for a free resting metabolic test with the X Gym's Pnoe gas exchange unit - to be scheduled for a later date with PJ ($135 value).

Don't Miss Out!

One Day Only!

Spaces Xtremely Limited!

Register ASAP by scanning the QR Code below or clicking here TODAY!

Then, when filling out your information, select "Direct client of CRP" to start. You will be contacted about an appointment time once the form is completed and submitted.

P.S. For those who sign up, see address and parking instructions beneath the graphic below.

metabolism day

Location and parking instructions:

Our address is 10724 NE 38th Pl, Kirkland 98033

The garage entrance is just to the West of the X Gym, off 38th Pl.

If the garage door is shut, enter #2456 to open (be sure to press the # key before entering the numbers).

Take an immediate right as soon as you enter the garage door and then drive down a section until you see the X Gym logo signs on the wall.

Be careful to only park in any of those slots because you will be towed from any slots not marked with the X Gym logo on the wall.

Come in the back door of the garage by slot 34. then look to your right and you will see the X Gym back door. It says "Not and Entrance" but it is for vip's like you. 😎