FOX’s (Friends Of X Gym)

F.O.X.’s are trusted individuals and businesses who have worked with X Gym or have proven trustworthy through working with X Gym members, friends and/or family.

The list below isn’t exhaustive, though, so if you need someone for something that isn’t listed, just email and he’s probably got someone for it!

If you use someone below, be sure to tell them X Gym sent you for Xtra special service!

Personal Services: 

Mechanic, Alex Bertolotto:

Florist, Robert DeLaurenti:

Photographer, Bruce Hudson:

Videographer, Jackson Rezab:

Image consultant/Personal stylist, Lauren Storbeck:

Hairstylist, Susie Montag:

Personal injury attorney, Steven Shaw:

Estate and Trust planning attorney, John Anderson:

Personal chef, Laura Taylor:

Family law attorney, Stacey Smythe:

Travel agent. Kathy Scanlan:

Financial trainer, Doug Peterson:

Business Services:

Printer, Mel Christen:

Social Media Consultant, Lauren Mikov:

Branded items, Lori Krasnowsky:

IT consulting, Johnathan Shannon-Garvey:

Business Attorney, Scott Milburn:

Sales coaching, Jerry Tuisl:

Web design, Cami Macnamara:

SEO consultant, Geoff Purkis:

Marketing services, Brianna Grantham:

Financial Services

Financial planner, Kyle Fukuchi:

Payroll services, Mike Gerlitz:

Life and disability insurance, Alyssa Jarman:

Bookkeeping, Dean LaFontaine:

Commercial insurance, JC Storbeck:

Supplemental Insurance, Pam Hottinger:

Accountant, Rick Walter:

Credit repair: Serge Bagdasarov:

Life Insurance, Alyssa Jarman:

Health Services

Naturopath, Donna Kachinskas:

Chiropractor, Josh Oncken:

Neurologist (headaches solution specialist), Mark Piker:

In-home care: Tim Cooke:

Home Services

Handyman and gardening, Wilson Flavius:

Pest control, Chris Carey:

General contractor, Peter Baughman:

Electrician, James Tan:

House cleaning, Brooke Mueller:

Carpet cleaning, John Surdi:

Real Estate Services

Residential real estate, Mindy Garner:

Mortgage broker, Brad Hunt:

Escrow services, Cyndi Pederson:

Insurance agent, Nick Sooy:

Commercial real estate, Steve Clark: