Exercise changes gut microbes to reduce inflammation and disease

I’ve long taught that exercise favorably changes the balance of your gut microbiome, independent of diet, to raise your metabolism and fat-burning ability.

I’ve also taught how important exercise is for your immune health.

And I’ve explained how exercise – especially intense exercise like X Gym – gives you the “high” which helps with mood, pain management, motivation, and productivity.

X Gym style exercise is also great for reducing inflammation, as opposed to traditional training, which causes muscle fiber microtears, that can increase inflammation in many cases.

A recent study further confirms this as it explores the interactions between the endocannabinoid system and the gut microbiome in regulating inflammatory markers.

The authors used data from an exercise intervention study and a cross-sectional validation cohort to investigate the associations of different endocannabinoids with gut microbiome composition, gut-derived metabolites, and inflammatory markers.

The results indicate that certain endocannabinoids are positively associated with gut microbiome diversity and SCFA-producing bacteria, and negatively associated with Collinsella.

Additionally, increases in certain endocannabinoids were found to correlate with decreases in inflammatory markers. The study suggests that the anti-inflammatory effects of SCFAs may be partly mediated by the endocannabinoid system, and other pathways may be involved in modulating the immune system via the gut microbiome.