Do you feel blessed enough to “Frivagive?”

Generous x

Do you like buying frivolous stuff for yourself that you don’t need but it’s just fun to have? Me too!

Do you like the feeling you get from giving to the poor and needy? Me too!

Here’s one strategy to do both. It’s a win-win! Join me in this movement to bless others in need because we are so blessed!

It’s called the Frivagive Challenge. It’s about blessing others because we are so blessed. It’s about altruistic, unconditional giving to those in need, without any expectation of a return, or even getting any credit at all, in any way.

Here is how the challenge works:

Keep buying frivolous stuff. No one judges! Then, for every frivolous thing you buy, place a proportional amount of money in a separate giving account, based on your income, to give to the poor when you feel called, in the amount you feel called to give.

For example, if you make $100,000 or more per year (net), and you buy something fun and frivolous that you don’t actually need, which costs, say $20, then you put 100% of that amount ($20) into your giving account to be given later when you feel called to do so.

If you make $50,000 per year, you put 50% of the amount of each frivolous purchase in the account. If you make $23,000 per year, you put in 23%, and so on, based on your income.

For more details, see the video below:

And now I invite you to join the movement with other people who have chosen to give in this way by participating in the Facebook group! Just click that link below.

You can help grow the movement by sharing the video (), comment below, email your peeps, join and get your friends to join the movement!

It’s a fun project and a great way to help reduce poverty on our planet, so get on board today!