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Yes, chocolate is healthy!

By PJ Glassey / / Comments Off on Yes, chocolate is healthy!

Chocolate has a rich history dating back at least 4,000 years and has been associated with luxury, wealth, and power. During the 14th century, the Aztecs and Maya even used cacao beans as currency. Modern research has also revealed that chocolate has significant health benefits. When it comes to chocolate, its cacao content, which is…

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Another Attack on Erythritol

By PJ Glassey / / Comments Off on Another Attack on Erythritol

According to recent media coverage of a recent “study,” eating erythritol can increase the risk of heart attack or stroke.  While the headlines about this “study” were sensational and scary (like other hit pieces), it’s really just another assault on healthy choices – this time an alternative sweetener that can help people lose weight, get…

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PJ and Amber Make FIVE Flavors of Low-Carb Chocolate!

By PJ Glassey / / Comments Off on PJ and Amber Make FIVE Flavors of Low-Carb Chocolate!

Amber Kelley, cookbook author and YouTube sensation, came over to PJ and Bev’s kitchen to see how to make PJ’s Low-Carb Chocolate recipe. Check out the video below to learn for yourself how to make 5 flavors of low-carb chocolate: Dark chocolate and milk chocolate crunch Almond bark with goji berries Mint chocolate Chocolate covered macadamia…

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