Daniel Dill

Hometown- Newark, DE

  • Personal Training Certifications- American Council on Exercise
  • Additional Training, Certifications, and Education- Schwinn Indoor Cycling, TRX (STC, Blocks, and Force 2), Tabata Bootcamps, Indo-Row, BS Communications, MBA


How long have you worked at X Gym? Since 2014

Why do you love training clients? Training allows me to make a positive impact on someone’s life. If I can help a client make a life change that takes root in their heart and soul, then I have done my job.

Why did you choose to work for X Gym? I am living proof that the X Gym system (strength training, brain training, and nutrition training) works. My mind and body have changed in ways I never imagined, and I want to bring this system to the world.

Tell us something interesting about yourself: I am a member of the West Coast Labels/X Gym Stair Climb team, and currently ranked 19th in the nation, and 8th in the 40-49 age bracket. I was also a Professional Disc Golf Association Touring Pro, and I have been a registered professional for nearly 15 years. And finally, I was an Executive Chef, and in the culinary field for almost 2 decades.

Email Dan through Dan@xgym.com

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