It’s a party for your brain!

You’re invited to the Eastside X Gym on 9/29/19 from 3-5 pm to hear PJ teach his top brain hacks, based on your individual brain type!

How do you know your brain type, you ask? Well, you don’t yet, unless you have taken his brain type test already. If you haven’t, you will get to for FREE at this Xciting, Xclusive event. Just show up, take the test, and then learn how to use your custom tips, tricks and hacks to get healthier and fitter faster and easier based on your brain type!

That’s not all though! You will also see a cooking demonstration from Tiffany Lewis from Froglegs culinary kitchen of a quick and easy fat-burning recipe!

Just RSVP ASAP to to save your spot. Hurry though – seating is limited!