Below are just a few of the written testimonials we have received from satisfied customers.

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-I was a gym member at the Kirkland X Gym for years, but now I train with my X Gym trainers online at home, even though I live only 7 minutes away because it's just as effective, but without all the hassle of actually going there. The trainers are amazing and no matter who I have, the workout is consistently effective. Thanks for this great gift of time! Time is money and it's so great to be spending it more wisely now with your online training, over the in-club training, not to mention your rates are about half that of traditional trainers anyway! -Doug

-PJ...Just a quick note of thanks to you and the XGym. Doing the workout today online was awesome, it really was a mind and body boost.  Just what I needed. The group online class is a great way to get a workout and it also allows me to stay consistent with my kids – no mall, gym, sleepovers, etc. Thanks for all you do!! -Kim

-Wow, the online training was an amazing experience. I was skeptical at first, and resisted it, even when you suggested in the past that I do it while traveling, but now since I was forced into it with the whole Coronavirus lockdown, I'm shocked at how effective it is. It's so much more time-efficient too because even though I live only 9 minutes away from the X Gym, not having to get in my car, drive there and back, not have to pack my gym back, etc., saves me a noticeable amount of time, so even after the lockdown is over, I intend on doing a hybrid of the gym and online at home because I'm now a fan. I will also be doing it when I travel. You were right! I now see the light!  ;-).  -Rob

-PJ...just wanted to tell you how much I am loving X Gym.  All of the trainers at the Eastside Gym are phenomenal.  As a more mature client, I initially worried about injuries.  I have not once experienced any pain other than the soreness of a good workout.  This is incredibly important to me.  My initial goal was strength and staying active as I age.  Now I am finally at the point to address the weight and nutrition aspects of this journey.  I made this known to the trainers and they all are keeping tabs on my progress and offering advice. Thank you very much! -DJ

-GREAT gym for busy professionals .... in-out in 30 minutes but the results look as if you work out everyday for hours! -Dori

-Awesome gym. The trainers have challenged me to become fit and stronger. My strength has increased 60% since I have joined. They always push me to my limits. -Ron

-With a variety of trainers, you never get the "same old, same old" -- all of them are great, well trained and enthusiastic. If you like pushing your limits, you'll love X Gym !!! -Julianna

-When you are at X-Gym, you give it your all and feel great about it after you leave. I can't afford not to go to X-Gym and recommend it to all my friends. -Rich

-I'll be 50 next year, and I can honestly say I'll be in the best shape I've ever been in. -Pat
-BEST WORKOUT IN SEATTLE! If you don't believe it, take 30 minutes out of your day and check them out. -Leah

-Simply the best. I've competed internationally, and must be very fit for my career...there's no program that has challenged me like the X-Gym, and nobody keeps up on all the latest technology like they do. -Erik

-I gotta say, I was highly impressed by the X Gym facility. Not only are the trainers extremely knowledgeable, but they train with state of art techniques and equipment. -Tylor

-A truly gifted group of amazing trainers...every single on of them!! Never reached my goals as quickly and effectively as I have through the XGym protocols. -Will

-I've tried other gyms and personal trainers and nothing "NOTHING" compares to the talent, workout, encouragement, and support you get from the trainers at xgym. It is by far the hardest workout I've ever experienced AND the results are amazing...new boyfriend agrees! -Jill

-They took a working Mom from 34% body fat to 16% body fat. After 3 years of training with XGym, I'm still doing what they tell me to do. I still feel the need to lose my lunch after most workouts but I know the short-term pain means my kids and husband will continue to call me "Hot Mama"! -Debbie

-I have been a member for 3 months. I go twice a week on my lunch hour and I am getting amazing results. I love this place and what they have done for me. The trainers are the best. If you are ready to commit to a better life, and a strong healthy body, GO! GO NOW! (WARNING! you'll need a new wardrobe.) -Katie

- I wanted to send this to you to show my appreciation for all that you and your staff have done to help me this past 2+ months. I am not sure if you remember the first time we sat down and you asked what my goals are. Obviously, my health, my weight, etc. I want to improve all of that, but I mentioned to you that I wanted to feel strong and do things like get back on a snowboard.

When I met with you the first time, you told me that I’d be back on a snowboard. I have now achieved this goal, and got on a snowboard yesterday! I took my 12 year old to Stevens Pass for his first snowboard lesson. I was on the fence about joining in on the lesson, but your trainers told me I could do it, so I did!!!!!! We spent 5 hours hiking up and down the bunny hill while he learned. I boarded, and fell, and didn’t break. I had more stamina than I did when I rode 8 years or so ago. Before, I would be good for half of a day at best, and pay for it for 3 days after. Today, after working all day on the mountain, I am barely able to feel that I did anything out of the ordinary.

So in wrapping up, please accept my gratitude and pass it along to your trainers because they have made an awesome difference in my life. I would gladly endorse this program to anyone who asks! You are all amazing, and I am so grateful! -DG

- PJ, I am back from vacation and things are going great in the XGYM world I'm in! I had an intense workout with Allen yesterday and he really pushed (encouraged) me through some challenging sessions.  One that was really great was doing my normal seated 45-degree pulling rows with the green band he added a yellow to push me to fatigue.  Then when out of gas dropped the yellow off for just green to complete the TUT.  Best of all was after that rather than standing on the band he had me lay back and do the curls on the floor pulling from a 45-degree angle off the wall.  Holy Cow, since the rows had secondarily worked my biceps already then to a concentrated row I've never worked my biceps so well!

But, coming back reminded me of something encountered on vacation making me doubt if I could complete my next session without offloading. I was determined to workout while I was gone on Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday adding that extra day since I was guessing the workouts would not be as intense with me guiding myself.  Saturday and Tuesday went better than expected staying in tension for the 3 minutes as planned.  But, during Thursday workout I offloaded on my first exercise, the left single-legged squat.  That surprised me since I hadn't offloaded since starting XGYM this time.  Then my mind declared that offloading was OK and the next exercise I had troubles completing.

I knew that not training to completion was training to fail and this was a good reminder for me and has made me better. So, now I have achieved the mindset that helped me lose that 45 pounds 10 years ago at XGYM.  It carries over in everything I do and is a motivation to eat right and not cheat on the eat.  To stop myself from eating the wrong things I just think; am I training my eating habits toward or away from my goals?  It works every time because it proposes a question to my mind instead of acting on an urge.

In summation after 10 years away from XGYM the guiding principles are still strongly rooted in my thinking.  It's really quite a testament to how strong this program really is and how much staying power it has.  Coming back after 10 years my mind and body still knew that offloading was not acceptable, having a positive attitude toward the struggles of the workout are energizing and the results are huge and fast! Thank you for this! - Bill