POST IT to break your pattern and achieve a healthy mood

An emotion is basically a pattern. Breaking your pattern can be enough to break a negative emotion or even a crummy state and achieve a healthy mood.

When we are in a crummy state, we are rarely productive, and if we are productive in spite of that, it’s forced because we have to and therefore, not much fun.

Procrastination is easy when you are in a funk. To break a negative pattern or mood, try the POST technique described here. It might sound corny, but it’s not to your subconscious brain, which also happens to be the boss of you.

This “boss” operates at about the level of a three-year-old toddler, so corny stuff works fantastic. Here’s how to do the POST technique (Posture, Oxygen, Smile, Thankful):

First, change your Posture by assuming a power pose. This can be hands on your waist like Wonder Woman or hands in the air like a victory pose. Power poses instantly begin chemical and hormonal changes in your brain and body.

Next, Breathe deeply and get Oxygen into your system, In through the nose is best. Out through the nose or mouth or both is fine, but in through the nose increases levels of nitric oxide in your blood which augments this process.

Now Smile – even if you have to fake it. And if you can’t even fake it, hold a pencil sideways in your teeth and that will activate the same muscles. Your inner toddler is inside so he/she can’t see that you aren’t actually smiling. They can only tell the muscles are contracting and assume it’s a smile.  😉

Think of something to be Thankful for. If this is hard, because you’re in a really crummy mood, start with the fact that you woke up this morning and you get another day as a gift.

Now you should be in a better state – at least good enough to stop your procrastination. Now go do that thing, project, workout, etc! You deserve to live life with a healthy mood and positive outlook.