Lockdown weight gain or weight loss?

Did you gain weight or lose weight during the lockdown?

From what I’ve seen so far with my friends, about 80% gained weight, 15% stayed the same, and 5% lost weight. The graphic here shows my BEI results (this is our $10,000 bioelectrical impedance machine).

I sure didn’t, and neither did my wife. We both lost weight, but most importantly, we lost fat and gained muscle at the same time. Traditional trainers would tell you that’s Xtremely hard to do, or even impossible, but it’s easy with my methodology, tips, and tricks!

My X Gym members also had an Xtreme advantage over everyone else out there because they were doing online training with us to keep them on track. We have been doing online training on a large scale since 2018, so we were already pros at it when the lockdown hit.

Others who were following my advice through my free resources were also able to tap into this Xcellent advantage. Here are the top four I used to push out helpful info to people, ranked by influence and posting frequency:

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