Hudor, the Miracle Substance

By PJ Glassey, CSCS

Have you heard of Hudor? Its effects overshadow even the most potent ancient Chinese herbs. Its healing capabilities outperform wonder drugs from deep in the Amazon rain forest. It holds the key to countless health benefits and wellness miracles.

Hudor can make your nails stronger, hair healthier, and teeth whiter. It greatly reduces skin problems and acne. It can even take away wrinkles and make the lips fuller. It promotes better skin circulation and tone, while often adding color as well. Hudor can heal chapped lips and dry mouth. Even chronic bad breath is often neutralized with regular doses.

It acts as a catalyst for transporting essential nutrients throughout the body and performs as a solvent for all products of digestion, aiding the absorption through the intestinal walls into the bloodstream.

Hudor promotes metabolism of protein better than anabolic steroids. It also metabolizes energy producing carbohydrates. It prevents muscle cramping, increases physical performance, strength and endurance, and can lower your pulse rate and blood pressure. It is the best substance for maintaining electrolyte balance. It is the only proven ergogenic aid with no side effects and the only one X Gym promotes.

The minerals potassium, sodium, magnesium, and calcium are essential for conducting electrical currents from the brain to the nervous system, and then to the muscles signaling contractions. Hudor promotes this more effectively than any other element even to the extent of heart attack prevention.

Hudor also removes waste products from the body while simultaneously regulating its temperature. It naturally suppresses the appetite and is the key ingredient in chemical reactions that metabolize stored fat – especially when taken just before a meal and again right after.

It promotes healing of injuries as well as illness. It boosts the immune system’s defenses better than any drug on the market. It holds the key to transporting antioxidants and aids in their effectiveness to fight cancer. It improves general comfort, mood, and well being, while decreasing irritability and nervousness. It helps prevent fatigue and improves concentration, memory, and alertness.

Cuts, bruises, and even tendonitis are healed up to twice as fast with proper amounts of Hudor, and chronic daily headaches are often cured. Muscle soreness from injury, overuse or exercise is cut in half or less with Hudor. It also lengthens the life of all vital organs – especially the liver and kidneys and there are not yet any government controls or restrictions on this over-the-counter miracle!

Where can you get Hudor? It’s been around since before man existed. Your body is made up of 65% Hudor. Hudor takes up more than 70% of the Earth’s surface, and the nearest source is your tap. Hudor is the Greek word for water, and your probably not getting enough.

The average person loses 2 cups of water through normal perspiration. Another 2 cups is exhaled as water vapor during the process of breathing. The intestines and kidneys use about 6 cups a day. That’s 6 cups used just for living, not counting anything extra we might do during the day.

If you drink at least three quarts of water a day, you’re already experiencing its wonderful effects. If you are like most Americans who drink dehydrating beverages like coffee, soda, and alcohol and very little water, the effects of three quarts or more a day will truly be miraculous. You may find yourself in the restroom more frequently at first, but just ask yourself which is more inconvenient: finding a bathroom more often or carrying around that extra weight and being less healthy ALL the time?

Make sure you’re drinking it plain too. Mineral and sparkling water often contain too much sodium. Although the main ingredient in soda is water, less than 10% can be absorbed because of all of the preservatives, dyes, flavoring agents, sugar, sodium, and additives.

Pure clean water is absorbed through the lining of the small intestine. Juice, coffee or soda is healed within the intestines for further digestion. The process of digesting these drinks can require even more water than originally found in the beverage! These drinks may further promote dehydration rather than relieve it.

If additional water is not consumed to make up for the deficit, the body may be forced to call upon itself from the areas of the richest supply, namely the muscles. When muscle tissue dehydrates even as little as 3%, it will lose 10% of its contractile strength and 8% of its speed. Dehydration also adversely affects to structure and function of the nervous system producing a miniscule but crucial shrinkage of the brain resulting in decreased concentration, coordination, performance, and sometimes a headache.

To obtain the benefits of this wonder fluid, go straight to the source and get the real thing in its cleanest form. The next time you find it hard to move off the couch, can’t concentrate, or are having a bad day, pour yourself a big glass of water. It may also be the key to losing those last few stubborn pounds or the cure to a frustrating fitness plateau. It’s worth a try. It may be just that simple!