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Now it's time to learn some more strategies! If I had given you this list toward the beginning of this course, it would have felt like you were drinking out of a firehose, but now that you know how to take things in manageable steps and what your individual step size looks and feels like, you know how to handle a list of resources like this.


Brain training is the most important part of breaking old habits and forming new ones. Lucky for you, I've developed numerous brain training techniques to rewire the brain to make all this exponentially easier!


Just click the links below for what you need, when you need it! And remember, these lessons are skills that you acquire through practice, so the more you practice the better you get and the more effective they become.

Also, to drill down even further into which of these (and more) techniques might be best for your unique brain type, click here to find out how to discover your unique brain type and get the six most powerful brain training techniques for your particular brain type.

Why brain training and rewiring is so important:

This “EFT” technique teaches you how to bust a craving or break out of an emotional eating spiral in less than a minute:

How to play the “What If” game to train your mind to expect progress and results:

Using visualization to achieve your goals:

How to create the mindset vital to success:

Why being on a “mission” is better than having a goal:

The “7 Min. Rule” for busting cravings and increasing your “Won’t Power”:

Learn how to transform your cravings from unhealthy foods to healthy foods:

Access more willpower and alter your hormones to burn more fat:

Using the “Hunger Scale” for better food choices:

Do you ever sabotage your success? Here are some solutions for breaking that nasty little habit:

Increasing your willpower through clearing out your “PFC” with targeted meditation techniques:

Understanding the power of the subconscious mind and how to get it on your side to help you with your goals:

Do you sometimes get lost along the way? Here’s how to get back on track through remembering your “Why”:

Does your mood affect your cravings? Do you ever eat when you aren’t hungry? Here are some effective ways to interrupt your patterns and get yourself in a better state so you make better decisions:

Using the “Conscious Eating” method for eating less food, better food and enjoying it more:

Having faith in yourself creates success faster:

Changing your vocabulary to transform your experiences, habits, attitude, and moods:

Some people find that pushing emotions away or suppressing them has a rebound effect. This may be the solution to that problem:

Having trouble resisting those temptations during the holidays? Here’s a solution:

Willpower training:

Why addictions are addicting, plus a technique to break that cycle:

Making up stories in your mind that can burn off fat:
More easy and quick techniques to bust cravings:
Using pessimism as a tool:
How a Success Journal multiplies your results:
Ever wonder why losing fat in the place you want to lose it first is usually the place you lose it last? Here’s why, and what to do about it:
Why the brain is so resistant to change (including forming new habits) and what to do about it:
Do you have emotional, social, or pattern “triggers” that cause bad habits or unwanted actions? Here’s a solution:

Ho’oponopono puts you in a better state anytime, anywhere, for better health choices and increased fat burning:


Have fun with these! Try them all to see which ones resonate best with you. There's a lot though, so keep the brain type test in mind if you want to find out how to discover your top six most powerful brain training techniques. Just click here to learn more.


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Plus, when you teach and support someone else, it always drives the habits and patterns even deeper in your own brain, becoming part of your permanent wiring and lifestyle, so they win and you win!