Better Body Than Someone Half My Age!

My name is Anthony Archer, and I’d like to tell you about how the X Gym protocols have helped me. My “backsliding” phase all started while helping to provide hospice care for a family member, I packed on 25 pounds and couldn’t seem to get it back off.  This was in spite of spending 3 hours a day, 5 days a week in the traditional gym, using traditional methods, including 30 minutes of traditional style cardio work.  I’m even a nationally certified fitness trainer, so I thought  I knew what I was doing.  At one point I was so frustrated about not losing the extra weight, I even consulted with my doctor.  I mainly eat organic foods and supplement quite a bit.  I’m considered a health nut, so that extra weight was really driving me crazy.

Well, I finally decided to train only using PJ’s advanced X Gym protocols, and after just 11 weeks, not only have I lost all of that weight and more, I’m in better shape than I’ve ever been in my life!  My waist dropped from 32 inches to 28, I’m cut and toned to a point that’s almost insane, and now instead of not being able to get into my clothes, they all fall off me!  The kicker?  I’m almost 50 years old, live with HIV, have damaged my metabolism through some very bad habits in the past, and according to other so called fitness professionals, there’s no way I should look the way I do.  Further, as a full time college student, my classmates are stunned to learn how old I am because I now have the body of a 25 year old.

PJ says that what everyone else is doing is based on outdated, 100 year old science, and results don’t lie.  I now work out 1 hour a day or less, and only do 5 minutes of cardio/Tabatas.  My cardio conditioning has also vaulted ahead of everyone I’m active with.  ALL of my hiking partners are now doing Tabatas because in less than 3 months, I’ve gone from trailing the pack to leaving them in the dust.  When my cycling partners and I ride, I have to hold back because no one can keep up with me now…and I’m not even working at it.  They’re also doing Tabatas now! Now I’m training my partner using PJ’s protocols, and he’s already lost 19 pounds in 7 weeks!!  I can’t say enough about how awesome my results have been, and I have PJ to thank for that

I wasn’t even shooting for the shape I’m now in, but I sure have gotten used to it, and I’m not done.  I can’t thank PJ enough for teaching me the fantastic training methods he’s developed, and look forward to getting in better and better shape at a time my peers are falling apart.  So, if you’re thinking of working out at X Gym , stop thinking and get your butt in gear!  The only way to see how awesome you’ll feel is to do it!