To Get Truly Lean, You Must Eat Truly Clean

mrcleanHave you ever wondered why the Atkins diet, South Beach diet, or other low carb programs work great until a certain point, and then fat loss levels off? People on low carb diets often go from obese to chubby and then stay there. Why does this happen? If it works so well in the beginning, shouldn’t it continue to work as long as you eat that way? The answer is no, and I will explain it to you now so you can finally crack the low carb diet code once and for all!

Have you ever felt like you are eating all the right things but just can’t lose those last 10-20 pounds? You may indeed be eating the “right foods”, and you are getting plenty of protein with gobs of water, but you have leveled off at a frustrating plateau in spite of it all.

This plateau is caused by a buildup of toxins in your fat tissues. When you eat non-organic food, conventionally raised meats, and processed products, you are also eating pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, preservatives, coloring agents, and other chemicals that your body sees as toxins.

Your body wants to protect you and store these toxins in a safe place, so it puts them in your most dormant and secure storage facility – your fat cells. Then when you are in a fat burning mode and it is time to empty out some fat cells, your body sees all those toxins and decides to shut down the fat burning idea – again to keep you safe. It just doesn’t want to let those toxins back out.

Organic food on the other hand, doesn’t have all the extra garbage, so your body won’t have to store anything in a safe place or worry about ingredients that may harm you. Organic food keeps your fat cells clean and allows them to be emptied with ease when needed.

Eating organic also serves as a detox for all your cells. You don’t need the expensive detox kits or 14 day fast programs. Most of those methods don’t work anyway, and even if they did, the benefits would be lost as soon as you went back to your old habits and conventional food.

Atkins and most other low carb diets are far from organic. They allow many  types of food sources, and even permit highly toxic foods like bacon and sausage. This is why weight loss happens for a while and then levels off. People get to the point where their fat cells are so full of toxins, they just refuse to empty out. It’s an easy code to crack, and you just cracked it!

You should also know that our organic food is in dire peril. Organizations like Monsanto and even our own government is taking measures to squash the organic farmers and put them out of business. Please take a moment to surf the web to educate yourself and even sign a petition or two. You can start with this address:

To educate yourself on Monsanto, go to address:

To learn the secret to uncovering the labeling laws on good meat and bad meat, surf this address:–A-Look-at-All-Natural-GrassFed-and-Other-HalfTruths.aspx

The bottom line is if you want to to get truly lean, you must eat truly clean. There is simply no other way. Besides, it’s the healthy way. Even if you didn’t care about getting truly lean, why would you want to fill your cells with toxins? Toxic cells grow cancer and many other life threatening diseases, and even make common illnesses much more likely. It’s not just a matter of getting lean. It’s a matter of life.

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