Step Nine

Xfactor Xplanation: Understanding The “Offload” and How to Avoid it

“Offloading” as you may have heard your trainer call it, is when a client takes a “rest” in the middle of a rep or exercise, in order to recover enough to be able to finish what the trainer is asking them to do. This does give you enough energy to do that, or does relieve a little bit of muscle burn temporarily, but any rest – even for only a quarter second – is enough to sabotage your results and drastically slow them down or even bring them to a halt or plateau.

This is because the muscle cell re-fuels Xtremely fast, so even a short break is enough to put new fuel back in that cell. Since the X Gym methods are specifically designed to cause the muscle cell to run out of fuel, offloads sabotage that goal. The goal, or “finish line” for each Xercise is to completely run out of fuel in as many muscle cells as possible. When short rests are taken during the Xercise, each one of those is like stopping off at gas stations along the way to the finish line. This just pushes that finish line out farther and makes it take longer to get to that goal, or prevents the achievement of the goal altogether.

Muscles are highly resistant to change, and one of the only things that makes them change is to force them to run out of fuel and reach Complete Muscle Fatigue (CMF), A.K.A. failure. Results come the fastest when when you reach the point where you are NOT ABLE to do what your trainer is asking you to do. Only then, does your muscle see the need for change. If you are able to do what the trainer is asking you to do and the muscle can complete the exercise successfully, it just says, “Well, I could do that, so where’s the need for change? I’ll just stay as is.” This is why you see so many people plateauing for years with traditional training. We don’t put up with plateaus at the X Gym, and avoiding the offload is the best way to create continued results.

Another reason to avoid the offload, is every time you let that happen, you are effectively starting over with a new set, because the muscle cell is “fresh” and ready to go all over again. Multi-set training, like with traditional training, is good for strength, and great for bulking muscles up, but X Gym members are interested in muscle bulk. Single-set training, like we do at X Gym, is great for strength, but also provides endurance, stamina, cardio and mental strength increases, WITHOUT the muscle bulk associated with traditional training. X Gym muscles just get more toned, firm, defined and condensed instead of bigger, but only if the offload is avoided.

Check out the video below for an even more detailed explanation on this concept:

Nutrition Revolution Step: Swaps and Substitutions Makes Healthy Eating Delicious! 

It’s actually pretty easy to think up your own healthy swaps and substitutions for unhealthy foods, once you get in the “mode” to do so and your creative juices start flowing. Check out this page, to get you started:

Brain Training Revolution: Affirmations

Yes, affirmations do work! Why? Because, as mentioned in a previous lesson, your subconscious brain operates at about the level of a three year old and it’s also pretty gullible. Anything you tell it, especially if it involves images and/or emotion, will be believed, with enough repetition. The affirmations below are just a few samples of effective programming for the three year old inside your brain and the more emphatic you are when you say them, with as clear a mental picture as you can muster, the more effective they will be and the faster they will work! Notice they are also phrased in the present tense, because that has also been shown to rewire your subconscious more rapidly. Heck, even if your affirmation isn’t “true” yet, it will become true faster by saying it!

  • I will eat healthy today.
  • I am losing weight.
  • My clothes fit better because I am losing inches.
  • I feel stronger because I exercise.
  • Exercise makes me feel exhilarated.
  • I crave fruits and vegetables.
  • My body is improving every day.
  • I love my body.
  • I am full of energy.
  • I am beautiful today.

If you are having trouble with this, just email me for more customized ideas, based on your individual challenges and goals, to

Resource Revolution:

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