Personal Training Buffs Up Your Brain

New studies show that forced exercise is better for the brain than voluntary exercise. Long story short: Three groups of mice. One group sat around in their cage (this is most Americans in their house). A second group ran on a wheel in their cage whenever they felt like it (this is most Americans taking themselves to the the gym and training alone).  A third group ran on a wheel at a predetermined speed and duration set by the researchers (aka “forced exercise” like having a personal trainer).

Results showed that the sedentary mice got dumber (no surprise). The voluntary exercisers got smarter and the forced exercisers got the smartest. This shows that exercise is good for the brain (duh), but being pushed past what they would do on their own is the best for the brain. This is personal training – especially X Gym style, since it is the most intense workout on the planet. Probably in the galaxy too. Borderline positive even in the universe as well. So in other words, X Gymers are the smartest people in the universe (duh).

Furthermore, we know that whatever is good for the brain is also good for the heart and vice versa, so we can assume that personal training is best for the heart too. Whatever is good for the heart is good for the body (especially your butt), so we can assume personal training is also leaps and bounds above everything else too. But then again, we already knew this. It’s just nice to see it validated by science. And to have an excuse to use the word “duh” a few times.