X Team Contest!

Will you be the next X Team winner?

Join the X Gym’s new X Team challenge ASAP to lose body fat, get in shape, get healthy, and train your brain to make all that easier and most importantly, permanent!

Simply find a partner (friend, spouse, family member, co-worker, etc.) to team up with (non-member or member). Your results will be averaged together, so find someone who can get great results with you, and/or who will be inspired by you (and who will also motivate and inspire you in return).

Why the team concept this time? Because people who work together get better results and that’s what we want for you! Also, this allows you and us to spread the love to people outside X Gym who might not be able to afford our services. If you are an X Gymer and would rather team up with another X Gymer though, this is, of course, allowed too.

Sign up simply emailing pj@xgym.com with your name, your home club and your partner’s name. We will take care of the rest by getting you both BEI tested and started ASAP!

Rules and Regs:

  • Find a non-X Gym member to team up with.
  • Contest begins today and continues through May 9th. You may sign up anytime after today too, but just keep in mind that the longer you wait, the less time you will have to make progress because the end date doesn’t change.
  • Teams are judged on percent body fat change instead of scale weight.
  • BEI (Bio-Electrical Impedance) testing will be used as the testing modality. This process is much less invasive than other forms of body fat testing and it takes the human error factor out of the equation.
  • Before and after pictures are required. *
  • Individualized nutrition and Xercise guidance are provided for every contestant.
  • Monthly challenges/assignments will be announced ranging from Xercise-related challenges, to mind training assignments, to nutrition projects, and more. You will earn entries based on your points into a monthly drawing for Xcellent prizes.
  • Three winning teams (male team, female team, and coed team) will be announced as soon as the data is compiled after the final testing date of May 9th. You can be tested before this end date as well (in case that date is not convenient for you) but there will be no testing after May 9th.
  • You must be a current Alki or Kirkland X Gym member in good standing to participate. Your team member can be another member or a non-member.

The calculations will be figured as a team percent change in body fat to make it fair between those of all fitness levels. This means going from 40% body fat to 20% will be the same as going from 20% to 10%. As you may know, fat gets harder to lose the leaner you get so this method will keep everything relative, regardless of fitness level or gender.

All entrants will receive:

  1. Body composition assessments.
  2. Individualized nutrition guidance, based on submitted food log.
  3. Before and after pictures (taken together as a team).*
  4. Individualized (optional) cardio prescriptions if you desire.
  5. Customized brain training suggestions to make transitions easier.
  6. Ongoing phone and e-mail coaching
  7. Special classes/webinars and other learning/support opportunities.

Best of all, it’s FREE!

Get started today simply by emailing PJ@xgym.com!

Why didn’t we give any advance notice? Great question! Because in past years, some people have “bulked up,” eating horribly prior to the contest, training for their “before” picture, to give themselves an “unfair” advantage. This, of course, is very unhealthy, which is opposite of what we are about, so now we “pop” it on you by surprise because getting started ASAP gives you the most time to make progress!

Note: trying to eat a bunch of food prior to your initial test won’t help you because our Xpensive, fancy-schmancy BEI machine can detect that due to its ability to segment you and isolate your trunk area, so it’s not worth risking disqualification…

*We understand that some people are embarrassed about taking a before picture. If you think you could be a winner though, you will need to take a before picture with us or by yourself at home. If you are a winner in the end, and you have taken your before picture at home, we will need to use that to publicize your achievement along with your after picture. If you would still rather not relinquish your before picture, the next person in line willing to submit their before and after pictures will take the top spot instead. In the past, people who have skipped the before picture have ALWAYS regretted it, so we encourage everyone to go for it! We won’t use any pictures without your final consent, so even if you win and have both pictures, you can still choose to keep them private and give up your winning spot to the runner-up.


Are you signed up through emailing pj@xgym.com? If so, click here to go to step one to find out what to do next!