Fitness App: X Gym’s XApp

All it takes is 21 minutes, twice a week, to achieve Xtraordinary fitness, using X Gym’s Xtremely safe and effective Xercise methods developed by PJ Glassey, X Gym founder and exercise scientist. Working out has never been easier, thanks to the new X Gym fitness app.

Follow the pre-built workouts or build-your-own workouts from the Xtensive Xercise video library.

You will also receive X Gym’s Xclusive health and fitness course as part of this App membership, all for just $28.95 per month!

STEP 1: See the short video above to see how it all works.

STEP 2: Just Click here (or the blue button beneath the tutorial videos below) to create your account and set your login credentials with your computer (you must first create an account using a computer for the phone app to work). Also, see the image at the bottom of this page to make sure you check the right box during the signup process to receive your health and fitness course!

STEP 3: Download the app (IOS or Android), sign in, and get started (see both tutorial videos below).

For a quick tutorial on how to DOWNLOAD the app, see this video:

For a quick tutorial on how to USE the app see this video:



Still have questions? Click here to see commonly asked questions and Xplanations!

Important reminder: This app is much more than great time-saving workouts and Xercises. You also get the course (AKA “X Gym University”), full of health strategies, habit formation techniques, brain training, hacks, shortcuts, and more, to help you achieve sustainable health and fitness that lasts a lifetime! Just be sure to check the “Get our newsletter” box at signup to get it (see screenshot here):