New brain typing technology!

I’ve learned a lot since starting the X Gym in 1998. Since then, and even before that, I’ve averaged about 2 hours per day studying research in exercise science and nutrition science. And then, since the year 2000, when my mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, I threw myself into studying brain science as well.

One of the things I learned about brain science (besides the fact that Alzheimer’s disease is reversible) is the human brain is very “plastic,” meaning highly adaptable and changeable, which makes it easy to change cravings and even addictions. I’m a good example of this myself. I was a sugar junkie, but I now crave broccoli (which I used to hate) more than I ever craved my favorite sugary treat!

There are many shortcuts to changing the brain I have developed over the years to make the process easier so people can get healthy and fit with less effort and willpower. I call them “brain training techniques.” I’ve developed over 30 so far and some work well for some brain types, while others work better for other types because everyone has unique wiring, so different things make sense to different people.

There are 16 different brain types and I’ve created a test that determines which type you are. Then, based on your type, you get a results report giving you customized health and fitness hacks, shortcuts, suggestions and brain training techniques based on your type. Check out the video below to learn more about it and then click the link beneath the video if you feel the brain type test might be a good option for you.

Click here to see the options for taking the brain type test.