Kelsey Weinberg

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Personal Training Certification: American Council on Exercise

How long have you worked at X Gym?  Since November 2019.

Why do you love training people? I started training after coworkers and friends started asking me for advice on getting into running. I love the beginning phases of running, casual running in general, and how a balanced workout schedule can add so much value to life.

Why did you choose to get certified through X Gym? I chose to get certified through XGym because I believe in their system and it aligns with my workout values. The safety and efficiency of the XGym methods allow for people to get their workouts in while maintaining a balance with the rest of their lives.

Why did you want to be an online trainer? Online personal training contributes to a healthy balance. It can be time-consuming and cumbersome to go to the gym for a workout and online training allows for a more flexible, accessible, and less intimidating means of training.