Jasenko Cordalija

Hometown: Bellevue, Washington

Personal Training Certification: American Council on Exercise

How long have you worked at X Gym?  Since 2009.

Why do you love training clients? I love training clients to see their improvements both physically and mentally. Large and obvious changes such as shedding body fat and gaining muscle are great, but I really love when they tell me that they are now flexible enough to touch their toes; or when they were able to engage in a sporting event they’ve done in their past once again.

Why did you choose to work for X Gym? I love training X Gym clients because I feed off the passion and effort they put into our time together. It is something I have never experienced in other fitness facilities. Our clients take their health and fitness seriously, and that is exactly why I am at X Gym.

Tell us something interesting about yourself: I am a movie buff, and I can talk for hours about any movie, any genre. I speak 3 languages. I grew up in Western Europe, and I have lived in 2 different countries in Europe. Bodybuilding was my passion for about 5-6 years.